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232OPML 1.1 plan, servers, etc.

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  • Dave Winer
    Dec 3, 2003
      A couple of things..

      1. I moved the OPML website from UserLand's server to a server of my own
      here in Boston. At this point anyone who says it's a UserLand spec will have
      very little basis. It's true I authored it while I was at UserLand, but the
      copyright was always very liberal and the site isn't hosted there and it
      will soon move to Creative Commons and hosting at Harvard.

      2. If you were a member of the original OPML site, you still are, but your
      password has been deleted. I'm honestly not sure how this works, try signing
      up, and see what happens. If you need help, send me a private email.

      3. I posted a plan for OPML 1.1.


      After a bit of discussion, I'll start working on specifying it. One of the
      things I hope to do is to enhance the <cloud> element so it can connect up
      through Instant Messaging. Maybe there are other ideas.

      4. I'm going to turn the home page of the site into a weblog of some

      5. I'm looking for other people who wish to be editors of the site. Only one
      or two, and I only want to work with people I've worked with before.

      6. There's lots of places people could flame here. I'm being relaxed as I
      work on this. Don't flame, if you do, I'll boot you from the list. I'm tired
      of people who get in the way of progress using emotional tricks. This time
      there will be zero tolerance for personal stuff, or efforts to stop the work
      or talk about RDF or why Danny Ayers doesn't like this, or whatever. Not
      interested. Thanks.