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228Re: OPML 1.1

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  • Stan Krute
    Dec 2, 2003
      Hi Dave

      > Could you add Morbus's info to that.


      > I think people should post their reports to the list,
      > as long as it isn't overwhelming, and you should merge
      > them into the outline as they become available.

      Sounds fine. Info on elements and attributes that
      are supported or not supported, and elements and attributes
      that a particular tool has introduced, are of interest.

      > Also, how about a list of apps you reviewed. Looks like
      > you have "UserLand" and "JOE." There are now many
      > others, basically all the aggregators do something with
      > OPML.

      As folks supply info on support/non-support, I'll add that
      data to particular elements/attributes.

      I'll also add new OPML tools to the list at the node
      "further info : OPML tools". In that regard, I've
      just added a sub-node for RSS feed readers/news aggregators, and will
      add info for starters digested from here:


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