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226Re: OPML 1.1

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  • Brent Simmons
    Dec 2, 2003
      NetNewsWire imports and exports OPML subscriptions lists.

      It doesn't currently understand nested subscriptions lists, but that
      will change. (It will both import and export nested lists.)


      It tries to be as forgiving as possible in what it accepts. It ignores
      case. For the name of a feed it first looks at the text attribute, then
      at the title attribute. For the home URL of a feed it looks at htmlUrl
      then at url.

      If an RSS URL doesn't exist, it does RSS auto-discovery to try to find
      the feed. (This makes it possible to import blogrolling.com OPML files,
      for instance.)


      It exports using ISO-8859 encoding, since that's most likely to be
      compatible (with Radio and with Windows aggregators).

      It sets the following attributes:

      text -- name of feed
      title -- name of feed (redundancy for compatibility sake)
      description -- description of feed
      type -- rss
      version -- RSS (more redundancy for compatibility sake)
      htmlUrl -- URL of home page
      xmlUrl -- URL of feed

      ***Sample OPML file


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