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224Re: OPML 1.1

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  • Stan Krute
    Dec 2, 2003
      Hi Dave

      > Another area that needs attention is to sort out the
      > common uses of attributes in different tools. Since
      > this is XML, names are case-sensitive. And there is
      > even some variability beyond that. The first step
      > should be to survey all the existing tools, see what
      > they produce and then collate the results. Then, once
      > that's done, it may be possible to have a simple set of
      > recommendations that enables more interop between
      > tools. But first we have to see how far apart all the
      > tools actually are. I'll get the ball rolling on this,
      > unless someone else wants to take the lead. It's not a
      > glamorous job, it requires that one be
      > thorough and be good at tabulating information.

      Per an old thread on this list, I started and posted
      an OPML document that contains this sort of info. It
      still lives at :


      Last revisions to that document
      are almost two years old, January of 2002.

      I'd be happy to make revisions to that document based on folks
      postings here on the list or notes sent to me via email,
      whichever is easiest.

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