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  • sarah_allen2000
    Oct 13, 2003
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      OPML is a great simple format for heirarchical data. It was quite
      easy to adapt another link viewer to read OPML (originally by Mark
      Davis, http://drdreff.blogspot.com). It's now posted to allow
      anyone to embed a set of links from an opml file in their pages:

      Someone recently asked me about adapting this to display a slideshow
      with an OPML file like this:

      <outline text="Southeast Asia">
      <outline text="Hmong girl" type="link"
      url="/default_album/img01.jpg" target="" />
      <outline text="Lisu infant" type="link"
      url="/default_album/img02.jpg" target="" />
      <outline text="Lisu mother" type="link"
      url="/default_album/img03.jpg" target="" />
      <outline text="Torajan farmer" type="link"
      url="/default_album/img04.jpg" target="" />

      I didn't see other examples of specifying and displaying non-text
      data in OPML, but it conforms to the spec and it seems like a nice
      feature of an OPML viewer to display linked graphics in-line... or
      is there a different XML format that would be better for this

      Sarah Allen
      http://www.laszlosystems.com (work)
      http://www.ultrasaurus.com (personal)