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    PRINCESS DIANA S KILLERS http://www.theinsider.org/mailing/article.asp?id=424 (This is an Acheson Intelligence Group world exclusive.) Masonic Grand Master,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2003
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      (This is an Acheson Intelligence Group world exclusive.)

      Masonic Grand Master, HRH The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC
      Prince Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick, was born in 1935.
      Educated at Eton and Le Rosey, Switzerland. He is a cousin both of
      the Queen and of the Duke of Edinburgh. His father, who was Grand
      Master 1939-42, was the fourth son of King George V, and his mother,
      Princess Marina, was the daughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece.

      He has been the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England
      since he was first elected in 1967.

      The United Grand Lodge of England - "Who's Who at The UGLE"
      [ http://www.grandlodge-england.org/ugle/whos-who.htm ]

      Freemasonry is a Zionist organisation. Their traditions are based
      around the building of the Jewish Temple. Their symbols include the
      Star of David (Seal of Solomon). They revere the Jewish Old Testament
      but not the Christian New Testament.

      Because of its obsession with Israel, Freemasonry is the natural
      enemy of Arabs and Muslims, who largely oppose Israel's illegal
      occupation of Palestinian land.

      Dodi Al Fayed was an Arab. His closeness to Diana Princess of Wales
      was extremely offensive to Freemasonry, the Royal Family and the
      intelligence community, all of whom are Zionist because of their
      warped Judaic obsession.

      Princess Diana's death helped with Prince Charles & Camilla's

      Diana's relationship with Arab Dodi Al Fayed was also an embarassment
      to the royal house, which has a Rabbi (rather than the royal surgeon)
      circumcise all male royals at birth:

      "the Royal House of England, which requires circumsicion of all male
      children" (The Mohel)


      (The Royals seem to have some rather strange religious practices for
      the heads of the Church of England.)

      Diana's relationship with Arab Dodi Al Fayed was an embarassment to
      the whole Western political, military & intelligence establishment,
      which in its obsession with Israel, has made Arabs and Muslims the
      enemies of the West.

      There are other issues surrounding Diana's death which are either
      disturbing or strange or both:

      A witness told police he saw a white car at the scene. The witness
      was handcuffed and ordered not to talk to anybody about the matter.

      The ambulence took a long and roundabout route to hospital, turning a
      journey of a few minutes into a life-threatening marathon around the
      streets of Paris.

      Diana's driver was accused of having been drunk. The French Coroner
      refused to allow the drivers' family, or anybody else, to run
      independant tests on his samples. CCTV footage shows the driver
      moving in an agile, sober and capable manner, immediately before the

      Immediately after the incident the French authorities had the tunnel
      thoroughly cleaned so that no forensic evidence will ever be found.

      French police claimed that the crash vehicle's speedometer had frozen
      at a high speed, supposedly showing the driver had been speeding. But
      Mercedes, who made the car, say that the police are lying: it is
      impossible for the speedometer to freeze.

      So many years after Diana's death there has still been no enquiry.
      Clearly there is too much for the establishment to hide.



      Princess Diana warned of a plot to kill her using a car accident, in
      a letter to royal butler Paul Burrell. (Events suggest that she may
      have been correct.)


      The Queen had also warned Princess Diana's butler about a conspiracy,
      saying that that his closeness to Diana, Princess of Wales, could put
      his safety at risk:

      "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no


      Source: Acheson Intelligence Group
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