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RE: [opentracker] Opentracker Telemetry

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Ah, yeah, forgot about that part. Fortunately the LM335 is very linear, so you don t have to worry about tweaking the other terms. _____ From:
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 12, 2006
      Ah, yeah, forgot about that part.  Fortunately the LM335 is very linear, so you don't have to worry about tweaking the other terms.

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      Subject: Re: [opentracker] Opentracker Telemetry

      Thanks for the info Scott,
      all appears to be ok now, although, after a minor head scratch initially, I realized that I had to alter the C constant ie. -273.15 by the calibration factor as well  ... in my case -8 degrees. ie. making C = -281.15
      Regards .. Andrew .. VK5EX
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      Good questions.  Haven't tried the telemetry equations myself - I've just been writing custom viewers for it.  Try this as a starting point:
      :N1VG-10  :PARM.Temp,Voltage, Aux,Count, HDOP,,,,, ,,CFG,JMP
      :N1VG-10  :UNIT.deg.C, Volts,,Events, HDOP
      :N1VG-10  :EQNS.0,1.9608, -273.15,0, 0.0588
      There's no way to send that from the OpenTracker itself at this point.  That should define the units (HDOP is dimensionless) and I think the equations are correct for the on-board sensors.  Removing the -273.15 constant term will give you Kelvin instead of Celsius.  Should be 0,3.5294,-459. 67 for Fahrenheit.  Leave out the constant term and you've got Rankine degrees, if you're so inclined.
      I'm not sure what's out there for APRS telemetry software.  When I need telemetry data, I just connect to the aprsworld database and grab it with a SQL query.

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      Subject: [opentracker] Opentracker Telemetry

      Gday All,
      A couple of questions -
      If possible, how do I setup the telemetry quadratic equation ie. Ax^2+Bx+C to correctly display the data within the opentracker telemetry frame, ie, the divide by 17 for the Voltage and convert the temperature back into degrees celcius etc.?  Im currently using the UI-History addon to Uiview for this.
      Is there a client program that will extract the telemetry data from a log file and then produce a scaleable graph of all 5 analogue telemetry channels.  Or maybe a client program that can produce a graph of the telemetry data in real time as its being received off air. I know this sort of thing is possible through findu etc., but Im after a stand alone application that can achieve this.  
      regards .. Andrew .. VK5EX

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