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FOSS Healthcare Unconference in Houston Summer of 09

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  • fred trotter
    Hi, The local FOSS revolutionaries in Houston, TX have decided that it is time to restart hosting a conference/unconference focused exclusively on FOSS in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2009
      The local FOSS revolutionaries in Houston, TX have decided
      that it is time to restart hosting a conference/unconference focused
      exclusively on FOSS in healthcare. DOHCS http://www.dohcs.org/ is
      awesome, but there is only so much that you can accomplish in a single
      day. (BTW you need to register soon if you want to make DOHCS). We
      also feel that Californians should not be the only ones having all the
      fun. So I am happy to announce the FOSS Healthcare conference.


      The conference will be held here in Houston, TX the weekend
      of July 31st to August 2. We are trying to coordinate to have the
      WorldVistA conference at the same time/location, but for now that is
      up in the air.

      Early bird registration is really, really cheap. This is
      very intentional. I know that budgets are tight and travel is often
      the first thing to go. We are making early bird registration cheap
      enough that you might be able to fund the trip out-of-pocket if you
      are an individual contributor to a particular project. We also have
      limited "spare room" availability so if you want to go, but cannot
      afford a hotel, contact me offline ASAP. If I get an overwhelming
      response to this, I may need to change to bigger facilities. So really
      cheap early-bird registration has the added benefit of giving me a
      good early head count. Early-bird registration is just $60 bucks. You
      can SAVE TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS if you register early!

      I have invited every project that I could think of, but I
      know for a fact that FOSS in healthcare is much bigger than my meager
      contact list. If you work with or know of an open source project with
      serious impact in healthcare that might like to attend/present, please
      forward them this invitation! Here are the rules for project

      * You have to be actually using the software live to be considered for
      a project invitation. No disrespect to alpha projects, but our
      resources are limited and we have to favor mature projects.
      * Project leaders can get two free tickets to the conference, one for
      a guest and one for a speaker. The speaker should be ready to give a
      10 minute summary talk on your project.
      * Please advertise this talk now on your own forums. The early-bird
      pricing, specifically for community members is only good for about a

      I have already gotten commitments to speak from people that I consider
      to be some of the top minds in FOSS healthcare. I can guarantee that
      if you are a Medical or IT professional you will get good talks on
      software that can make a difference in your world today. I am doing
      everything that I can think of to ensure that different projects will
      be able to cross-pollinate and grow.

      If you are not sure if you can go... it is worth $60 to reserve a
      spot... sign up today!


      Fred Trotter
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