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Re: Data Quality in Patient Master Index

Mai - here's a group that is currently developing next generation open source MPI tools.
Will Ross
Nov 17, 2016

Data Quality in Patient Master Index

I had a read of this publication published in 2006: "Data quality maintenance of the Patient Master Index (PMI): a ‘snap-shot’ of public healthcare
Mai Dang
Nov 17, 2016

New VKA plugin for FreeMedForms

Hi all, A new plugin is in preparation the FreeMedForms project. As you remember, this project owns an EMR, a pharmaceutical drug prescriber with drug-drug
Eric Maeker
Feb 4, 2014

Healthcare.gov -- opensource HIE?

Dear all, Have you seen healthcare.gov? It is unabashedly FOSS and start-up thinking. I wasn't sure they meant HIE the way I understood an HIE (not to say
Alvin B. Marcelo
Jun 23, 2013

Re: jwallace31415 at yahoo.com removed from openhealth list

Life goes on. ... -- Adrian Midgley http://www.defoam.net/ [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Adrian Midgley
Jun 22, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

+1 on Klaus's suggestion. Roger, copied here are Dr Portia Marcelo (implemented OpenMRS city-wide in Manila) and Dr Ric Ramos/Alison Perez (implemented WAH in
Alvin B. Marcelo
Jun 20, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

I am very much involved in working on solutions for that market. We have a Provider Credentialing system and a TPA system in progress. We currently have a
Tony McCormick
Jun 20, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

Roger, Open Health News is a really excellent resource - I am surprised that I had not come across it before... Your stats are impressive and the information
Klaus D Veil
Jun 20, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

This is amazing! The list was silent for three years but its members were continuosly working to prove FOSS's worth in the field.  ​Most of the posts and
Alvin Marcelo
Jun 20, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

Alvin, Thanks for reviving the list. This is a really interesting discussion. I'd like to point out that Peter Groen and I have been building Open Health News
Jun 20, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

OpenEMR (www.open-emr.org) is being downloaded 850 times a week on average it is widely deployed all over the world and is ONC-ATB Certified for Meaningful Use
Tony McCormick
Jun 20, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

For what it's worth, here are some organizations that have successfully deployed a VistA based FOSS stack in production. The Hakeem project of Electronic
Bhaskar, K.S
Jun 20, 2013

FOSS risks in healthcare

Wow... I'd totally forgotten about this list; glad to see it spring back to life! Alvin -- thank you for putting on the radar an issue that is often
Derek Ritz
Jun 20, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

Will appreciate insights, lessons, best practice from others who have been successful/failed at integrating FOSS in the enterprise... — Sent from Mailbox for
Alvin Marcelo
Jun 19, 2013

Re: Open source and enterprise

Mike, ​Hve you found a document thats entitled like: "Building FOSS For Health: a risk-based approach"? I think such a document could pave the way to FOSS
Alvin Marcelo
Jun 19, 2013
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