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71Re: [open_door_dv] man on the street interview

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  • John Creasy
    Nov 15, 2005
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      Re: [open_door_dv] man on the street interview I’m planning to be deep in the woods away from shoppers and stores that day on a little backpacking trip. You guys should pull together and try to do it though, I always have fun with those kinds of videos!


      On 11/15/05 3:44 PM, "BJ Woodworth" <bj@...> wrote:

      Is anyone available and or interested in doing some man on the street interviewing on Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving)?  I was hoping for some footage capturing the materialism of Christmas.  Simple questions for folks to answer:
      Why are you out shopping today?
      What if anything does that have to do with Christmas?
      Let me know if anyone is up for doing that and editing it down some by Sunday, November 27th.

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