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59Re: [open_door_dv] Fast Food

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  • Terry Valencheck
    Oct 5, 2005
      Some great Ideas lately:)

      Wow.... We have two characters, one Riding his bike
      to the baker to get bread that is being handmade...
      and a guy driving His SUV to McDonalds to get his
      combo meal... he knows their is something wrong with
      his life but not sure on how to fix it...

      The guy in the SUV is on his Cell Phone and eating
      French fries at some point almost kills the biker...
      But he makes it to the baker to bring back the bread
      to his family and breaks the bread...

      We'll weave the shots of the Baker making bread
      throughout the whole video to the point where he hangs
      up his apron and Fades out to black...
      We'll use Till Kingdom Come as the sound track... and
      we'll keep the original idea of the words of the song
      coming up over the video...

      Any one else have something to add?
      Let me know what you think...!

      Chat soon...

      PS... Here's a cheezy ending..... The Biker is
      bringing the bread to church and when the camera
      fallows him to the Union Project the vdeo ends and
      then we see the biker come through the doors during
      church to give us the bread...

      BJ had this idea. I'd like to do a quick film of one
      of us driving up to a fast food restaurant
      and ordering. Then afterwards having pictures of those
      who are hungry. I'll have time
      thursday and friday if any of you can help. If I'm
      involved it will of course be very simple! Let
      me know.


      christ Religion
      Open door


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