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  • Ross Donaldson
    Oct 3, 2005

      Is anyone able to go to any of these trialogue meetings to think about posswible film stuff?


      (To be read in a Scottish dialect)

      "Because I'm a melancholy Celt.  These things are inherently goofy and they cheer you up. . . . . . . . . . . . Besides, they're fun."

      - Dr. Andrew Purves on why he wears a bow tie

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      Below are the worship themes and main scriptures for October and November.  Be creative, go crazy and film away.  Integrate film in anyway you see fit.  Artistic, mediations, people�s stories, an entire sermon, something for communion or something that leads us in prayer or something I can not even think of�  A bunch of us get together on Tuesday nights 7-9 at the Quiet Storm www.quietstormcoffee.com, and dig into the scripture and think creatively about how we can shape the worship gathering so feel free to stop by that and dialogue with others about we can use all of our senses, gifts and passions to lead others in worship.



      I am the Light

      John 8:12-20


      I am the Bread (communion)

      John 6:25-59


      I am the Gate

      John 10:1-10


      I am the Good Shepherd

      John 10:11-21


      I am the Way

      John 14:1-4


      I am the Truth

      John 14:1-4


      I am the Life (communion)

      John 11:17-27


      I am the Vine

      John 15:1-17




      bj woodworth

      the open door

      creating passageways to God, one another and the world





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      Subject: [open_door_dv] Sunday's


      It Looks like I will not be at Open Door this Sunday�
      I just want to Add to John's last message that I am also happy to see the participation
      during our meetings on Sunday� 
      I am torn though, between spending Sundays with my family, and being creative with you
      guys�   I would like for us to consider limiting production to any other day than Sunday� 
      I know that we will want to tape some Sunday events, but I see it isn't necessary video tape
      any staged shoots, Interviews and skits, on a Sunday� 
      I am Available during the week from the wee early hours to about 1:30pm.

      Let me know what you think�
      Have a good Week, Hope to see you soon



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