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Highly confidential

Hello: Please kindly refer to the attached document I uploaded using google drive, let me know your opinion or suggestions. Regards
Dec 15, 2015
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book and magazines lists

I have just updated my web-site with over 9,100 magazine titles and over 6,000 book titles.. Take a look and let me know if you know of a book or magazine
Robert E. Lee
Aug 19, 2013

Selling a lot of 8 AMT/Model King dirt track modifieds on ebay

I have not done any dirt track modified kits in some time and have therefore put up a lot of 8 - 2 Ridge Runner Pintos. 3 '36 Chevy Wild One coupes, and 3 '35
J. Canfield
Aug 18, 2013

How are you? http://thewebbuddy.com/zptvszg/eidqikj Robert E. Lee Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone
Robert E. Lee
Jul 16, 2013

Jeff Curtis

How are you? Jeff Curtis
Jeff Curtis
Jun 16, 2013

Bruce Sadewater

uazg http://e-alianse.ru/lgp/josjmltkazot/bbnvwscfsvcf/cujxarfsinpsrid.htm Bruce Sadewater cbe
Bruce Sadewater
Jun 15, 2013


http://www.att-travel.com/components/com_joomlaxplorer/bing.php?jbuncu882oj handmoparman Chuck Hand ......................... OSBORN'S LAW: Variables won't,
Chuck Hand
Jun 6, 2013

Titles, and explanations of links in posts

As many of you know, there are a few very virulent viruses going around these days. Many of us are unwilling to click on URLs (links) in an email message
Don Stauffer
Feb 23, 2013

Dave Blake

http://rathdangan.com/dqfp/xmvrbj9r3pcb8kq067tv2vi8p7up&j Dave Blake
Dave Blake
Feb 22, 2013

Re: Casting tyres

Thank you Don. Lots of food for thought in your email. You are making great suggestions.I will get the material and give it a shot.
Feb 21, 2013

magazine titles

Change of subject.. How many model car magazine are there and what are the titles and address.. I would also like the dates published.. I have a web-site
Robert E. Lee
Feb 21, 2013

Re: Casting tyres

It looks like you already have a pattern, so I will not discuss that. I cast my tires in polyurethane resin, in RTV molds. I did an article a number of years
Don Stauffer
Feb 21, 2013

Re: Casting tyres

I have not checked this site in some time when after several years of making 1/24 50's and 60's NASCAR Modified and Sportsman coupes and sedans dirt track cars
J. Canfield
Feb 20, 2013

Re: Casting tyres

casting@yahoogroups.com Just go to Yahoogroups home page and search for casting. Cliffy Sent from my iPhone
Feb 20, 2013

Re: Casting tyres

I sure would appreciate the address of the casting list. Thanks.
Feb 20, 2013
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