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StarShine Announces 2007 Readers’ Choice Nominees!

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  • Amarylis Aponte
    StarShine Announces 2007 Readers’ Choice Nominees! Staten Island, NY—February 1, 2007—StarShine Magazine starts 2007 off with their 5th annual Readers’
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      StarShine Announces 2007 Readers’ Choice Nominees!

      Staten Island, NY—February 1, 2007—StarShine Magazine starts 2007 off with their 5th annual Readers’ Choice Awards! The nominees are in and with three new categories, and a more diverse line-up, this is predicted to be StarShine’s biggest voting turn-out yet. This year’s candidates offer a diverse taste of what the magazine has to offer ranging from unsigned artists to best selling ones to fan favorites.

      R&B/Pop Universal recording artist JoJo
      leads the pack once again, this time with 8 nods, breaking her previous record from last year. Following JoJo’s lead is country superstar Gretchen Wilson and new Christian artist, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell. Both artists have 7 nominations. Gretchen Wilson is StarShine’s first real taste of country. Though she’s a bit out of her element, StarShine’s editor, Sandy Lo Grasso has high hopes for her running in the polls. “Gretchen was our first country star to appear in the magazine, and though she’s up against some mainstream heavy hitters, we know she can hold her own and bring in a whole slew of new voters.“ Lo Grasso says.

      Wilson is up for “Album and Artist of the Year” along with JoJo & Littrell. Also joining them in those categories are pop/rock band The Click Five
      & Nick Lachey, who both have a fair amount of nominations as well. What is really prominent this year is the smaller, unknown artists like “House of Carters” star--Leslie Carter, Indie talent--Britney Christian, Swedish pop star--Anna Sundstrand and her tour mate, Chris Trousdale.

      The infamous Kevin Federline
      even earned 2 nominations for his single, “Lose Control”. “StarShine doesn’t judge an artist’s lifestyle.” Says Lo Grasso. “We’re not critics and we don’t claim to be. We want our readers to come here for two things: to have fun and find out about interesting, talented people. We want our readers to have that attitude and not focus on the tabloids because music and movies aren’t about that. Art isn’t about that.” Through Sandy Lo Grasso’s vision, StarShine Magazine brings focus back to art instead of the trash. In that same light, StarShine lets the readers choose the winners of their awards.

      New categories in the 2007 RCA’s include: “Best Rock or Country Song”, “Independent Song of the Year”, and the “Shining Star” award. The “Shining Star” award is the only category that is not voted on by the readers. The winner is chosen in advance by the staff of StarShine Magazine based on a celebrity’s charity work. This year’s recipient is Howie Dorough
      of the Backstreet Boys for his continuous work through his charity, the Dorough Lupus Foundation.

      Other nominees include: Breakout Show Dog artist--Lindsey Haun
      , Latin boy group--C Note, pop/rock group--The Jonas Brothers & rock bands Saving Jane and Lucky Boys Confusion.

      Voting for the 2007 StarShine Readers’ Choice Awards begins February 15th on www.starshinemag.com and polls will be open until March 25th. Nominees were chosen by the staff of StarShine Magazine based on the popularity of artists on the website and in the e-zine between July 2005 and December 2006. Winners will be selected strictly by who receives the most votes submitted into the official voting ballot on

      For more information on StarShine and the Readers’ Choice Awards, contact:

      Sandy Lo Grasso /

      Complete List of Nominees:

      Best Dance Song
      “Press Rewind” - Anna Sundstrand
      “Wepa” – C Note
      “Stupid Boyfriends” - Britney Christian
      “The Way You Do Me” - JoJo
      “Lose Control” - Kevin Federline

      Best Ballad
      “Gone Without Goodbye” - Brian Littrell
      “Say Goodnight” - The Click Five
      “I Don’t Feel Like Loving You Today” - Gretchen Wilson
      “How To Touch A Girl” - JoJo
      “Broken” - Lindsey Haun

      Best Remake or Sample
      “In Christ Alone” - Brian Littrell
      “You’re The One That I Want” – Chris Trousdale & Anna Sundstrand
      “I Think We’re Alone Now” – The Click Five
      “Anything” - JoJo
      “Missing You” - Tyler Hilton

      Best Rock or Country Song
      “Halo” - Bethany Joy Galeotti
      “All Jacked Up” - Gretchen Wilson
      “Getting Out Alive” - Lucky Boys Confusion
      “Girl Next Door” - Saving Jane
      “Missing You” - Tyler Hilton

      Best R&B/Hip-Hop Song
      “Make It Go Away” - Britney Christian
      “Wepa” - C Note
      “Too Little Too Late” - JoJo
      “Lose Control” - Kevin Federline

      StarShine Spotlight
      Denise McLean
      House of Carters
      Riley Smith

      Shining Star Award
      Howie Dorough - Dorough Lupus Foundation

      Favorite Group/Band
      The Click Five
      C Note
      Jonas Brothers
      Lucky Boys Confusion
      Saving Jane

      Favorite Female Artist
      Gretchen Wilson
      Katelyn Tarver
      Lindsey Haun

      Favorite Male Artist
      Ben Bledsoe
      Brian Littrell
      Nick Lachey
      Tyler Hilton

      Best Live Show
      Anna Sundstrand & Chris Trousdale
      The Click Five
      Gretchen Wilson
      Jonas Brothers
      Nick Lachey

      Unsigned/Independent Artist of the Year
      Anna Sundstrand
      Britney Christian
      Chris Trousdale
      Leslie Carter

      Independent Song of the Year
      "Press Rewind" - Anna Sundstrand
      “If Only” - Anna Sundstrand & Chris Trousdale
      "Stupid Boyfriends" - Britney Christian
      "Worse" - Leslie Carter
      "Getting Out Alive" - Lucky Boys Confusion

      Best New Artist
      Brian Littrell
      Jonas Brothers
      Katelyn Tarver
      Lindsey Haun
      Saving Jane

      Song of the Year
      "Welcome Home" - Brian Littrell
      "California Girls" - Gretchen Wilson
      "Too Little Too Late" - JoJo
      "Broken" - Lindsey Haun
      "What’s Left of Me" - Nick Lachey

      Album of the Year
      Welcome Home - Brian Littrell
      Greetings From Imrie House - The Click Five
      All Jacked Up - Gretchen Wilson
      The High Road - JoJo
      What’s Left of Me - Nick Lachey

      Artist of the Year
      Brian Littrell
      The Click Five
      Gretchen Wilson
      Nick Lachey

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