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~*~ Custody ~*~ Part 30

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  • Sarah D.
    Kevin had ordered Tyler a seafood dinner with all her favorites, crab legs, lobster, shrimp, and oysters. Well, the oysters were his idea but he knew she
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      Kevin had ordered Tyler a seafood dinner with all her favorites, crab legs, lobster, shrimp, and oysters. Well, the oysters were his idea but he knew she wouldn�t object to them. As he set it in front of her, Tyler�s mouth watered and she looked up at him.

      "Kevin! This is a feast! How am I going to have room for dessert?"

      Kevin picked up an oyster for her and fed it to Tyler. As she sucked it down, she looked into Kevin�s eyes as he said, "Don�t worry, baby. You�ll have plenty of room."

      The couple sat facing each other with the food between them. Kevin took one of the crab legs next, cracked it open, dipped the meat into the butter, and held it for Tyler to eat. She leaned to him and took the meat into her mouth making sure that her tongue licked the butter off his fingers.

      Tyler took one of the shrimp, placed it between her teeth and leaned to Kevin again. He leaned to her taking a bite as she held it. Their lips touched and Kevin said, "Mmmmm....delicious."

      The couple took turns feeding each other from the dish and when they had finished everything, Kevin took the tray and placed it outside the door. Then he took Tyler�s hand, helped her up, and led her to the bedroom.

      "Where�s my dessert?" asked Tyler.

      Stopping at the door and leaning against Tyler, he said, "Be patient, baby."

      Tyler could feel Kevin�s arousal pressing against her and she said, "I�ll try but you�re making it very difficult."

      Kevin kissed her, his tongue exploring every secret corner, causing her to become even more excited. Reaching behind her, Kevin opened the door to their room.

      Inside, Tyler was amazed to see lit candles everywhere. By the bed was a bowl of fresh strawberries, a couple cans of cool whip, and a bottle of what appeared to be champagne chilling with two glasses.

      Tyler asked, "When did you do this?"

      "While you were asleep on the plane. Go to the bathroom. There should be something in there for you."

      Excitedly, Tyler went into the bathroom where she found a beautiful royal blue satin gown. She quickly changed and then brushed out her hair.

      In the bedroom, Kevin had changed into a pair of white lounging pants and no shirt. Tyler had to stop and catch her breath as she watched him pour the drinks.

      Kevin looked up and smiled, "You are so beautiful."

      Tyler realized there was soft music playing too as she went to him. He handed her a glass. "�Boo�, I shouldn�t be drinking champagne."

      "It�s not champagne. It�s sparkling apple cider," said Kevin as he raised his glass to hers. "This is to the most amazing lady who has stolen my heart."

      They clicked glasses and took a sip. Tyler looked up at Kevin and thought, "WOW! His eyes are even greener than usual. God! I want him so bad!"

      Kevin took Tyler�s glass and set it on the table with his. Then he took her in his arms and they began to dance slowly. Kevin sang softly to Tyler as he held her close. His warm breath on her neck sent a chill down her spine.
      Tyler shuddered and Kevin asked softly, "What�s wrong?"

      "Nothing at all."

      Kevin looked down at her and could feel her breasts through the material of her gown. "You seem a little excited."

      Teasing, Tyler said, "No, just cold."

      "Let me warm you up then."

      Kevin ran his hands down Tyler�s back pulling her closer as he began to kiss her. Their tongues met and it was like two sparks setting off an explosion. Tyler melted into his embrace wanting and needing more.

      Kevin moved his kisses to Tyler�s neck and he ran his tongue from just behind her ear down to her shoulder. Tyler whimpered softly and closed her eyes. Moving his hands to her shoulders, Kevin slipped the straps of her gown off letting it fall to the floor. Then he bent lower taking one luscious nipple in his mouth tickling it with his tongue. With his hand, he played with the other nipple, pinching it lightly until it was as hard as the one in his mouth. Then he switched so that both nipples received the same attention.

      Tyler wove her fingers in Kevin�s hair, "This feels so good."

      Kevin moved his kisses down her stomach and stopped at her belly button. He looked up at her, "You taste so sweet."

      Kevin stood up and picked Tyler up in his arms. He gave her a tender kiss as he carried her to the bed where he set her down gently. He took the can of cool whip and shook it gently before putting it on her breasts and down her stomach.

      Tyler giggled as he did this and reached to get a strawberry. She held it in her mouth and Kevin took a bite licking the juice from her lips.

      Kevin knelt between Tyler�s legs and started to lick the cool whip from Tyler�s stomach. He�d stop and Tyler would feed him a strawberry. He would take her fingers into his mouth sucking the juice from her fingers. When he had licked all the cool whip off, Kevin stood up.

      Tyler looked up at him. "You aren�t going to stop, are you?" she begged.

      Kevin laughed softly, "No, baby. I�m just going to get undressed."

      Tyler watched Kevin as he undressed and then rejoined her on the bed. Tyler took the cool whip and had him lay on his back. With the can of cool whip, Tyler wrote �I love you� on his chest and stomach. Then she began on his chest licking the cool whip off. Kevin did the same for her, feeding her strawberries as she licked the cool whip off.

      When Tyler reached Kevin�s stomach, she put her hand on his balls and caressed them gently. She heard him moan and she looked up at him. She asked softly, "Feel good?"

      "Ummmm...feels damn good, baby."

      Tyler took Kevin�s cock into her mouth completely going down to the base. She pulled back so that she had just the head in her mouth, running her tongue around the ridge. Then she ran her tongue down his shaft to his balls again. She nuzzled them, licking them, and then took his cock in her mouth again. She moved rhythmically up and down his shaft. Tyler was also caressing his balls and she felt them tense. Tyler pulled off and moved up to kiss him.

      Kevin took her in his arms and rolled her over onto her back. "Oh, you�re good, baby, but you�re a tease."

      "Make love to me, �Boo�!"

      Kevin whispered, "Oh, not yet, baby. I�m going to drive you nuts now."

      Kevin placed small kisses on Tyler�s neck working his way down between her breasts but not kissing them. He placed kisses all around her breasts and then down her stomach. He stopped at her belly button and moved to her ankles. He started on one side kissing and licking his way to the top of her thigh. Then he did the same on the other leg.

      When Kevin reached Tyler�s wet sex, he began to tickle her clit with his tongue as he slipped a finger into her pussy. Tyler could feel herself slipping away as she closed her eyes. She moaned, "OH, GOD, Kevin!"

      Just as Tyler was on the brink of ecstasy, Kevin pulled away and moved up to kiss her deep and desperately. He wanted her, no, desired her, as he entered her slowly. The fever that had built was at its peak and they both needed the other. Kevin thrust in and out of Tyler and she met each one eagerly.

      Tyler reached around Kevin to his butt pulling him to her. The mere touch of Tyler�s hands sent Kevin over the edge and the couple climaxed together.

      Kevin rolled over pulling Tyler on top of him. He brushed her hair back and kissed her. "Damn, you�re good."

      "I have a good teacher."

      "I hope you mean me."

      "No, actually, I meant AJ," teased Tyler.

      Kevin reached over and grabbed a can of cool whip. He squirted it out onto Tyler, "Oh yeah!"

      Tyler laughed as she got the other can of cool whip and squirted him. "Yeah!"

      The couple got into a cool whip battle squirting out all the cool whip on each other and laughing hysterically. Kevin had Tyler tight in his arms so that she couldn�t get away and held her there until he was out of cool whip.

      Laughing, Kevin said, "Now, exactly who is that good teacher?"

      Licking some of the cool whip off Kevin�s chest, Tyler said, "You are, �Boo�."

      Kevin kissed her and said, "It�s about time you admitted it. Come on, let�s go get a shower."

      The two got up together and went to get a shower together. When they came back, Tyler changed the sheets since they had gotten cool whip all over the bed while Kevin took care of the candles.

      When the two were done, Tyler turned to Kevin and he took her in his arms. She ran her hands across his chest as she said, "This was so romantic, Kevin."

      "I�m glad you liked it. There�s plenty more nights like tonight, especially our honeymoon."

      "So where are you taking me, �Boo�?"

      Kevin picked her up, carried her to the bed, and said, "You�ll just have to wait and see."

      "Not even a little hint?" begged Tyler looking at him as sweetly and innocently as possible.

      Kevin couldn�t resist her and gave her a kiss. "A little hint...you�ll need your passport."

      "Italy?" asked Tyler knowing Kevin loved Italy.

      Kevin just grinned and said, "Maybe. You�ll just have to wait and see."

      Kevin lay down beside Tyler on his stomach and Tyler lay on her side so she could rub his back. She ran her hand across his back. "Boo, would you mind having a song in our wedding that �NSync did?"

      Sleepily, Kevin said, "Just as long as it�s not �Bye, Bye, Bye, I don�t mind."

      Tyler laughed softly, "It�s not, �Boo�!" She looked at him and he was asleep. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the forehead, "Sleep, my knight in shining armor!"

      Sarah D.
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