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Re: Online Event - Art of Online Groups that Work in Public Services

We are having a great time today with many introductions and substantial tips about online groups that work (in public services):
Steven Clift
Jun 24

2 Upcoming TechSoup Webinars: Office 365 for Nonprofits and Using Go

What's New with Office 365 for Nonprofits? Thursday, June 25 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern https://cc.readytalk.com/r/eqtr3l30poqz&eom
Jun 23

Re: Online Event - Art of Online Groups that Work in Public Services

Here is the full announcement - Thanks, Steve It would be great to have lessons from the MuniGov effort shared as part of this free online event! - Steven
Steven Clift
Jun 22

Online Event - Art of Online Groups that Work in Public Services

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you to a simple online event on June 24: https://khub.net/web/khubconnects/forum/-/message_boards/category/14851325 Join -
Steven Clift
Jun 15

Subcultures in Virtual Communies

Hello, I am a doctoral student beginning my dissertation in the area of subcultures in online work and learning communities, To start I need to find out what
Mar 18

Re: Online Facilitation Unconference 2014

Hi, We were super late to get the ball rolling this year, but Online Facilitation Unconference 2014 is starting to get under way today:
Oct 22, 2014

Re: Sparks of Life

Hi Nancy: Hopefully there were some takers for your suggestion of an interview-a-thon where we interview each other. Great idea for my tool kit ... as a
May 26, 2014

Re: Frank Bradley - My Introduction

Frank and Paul, I guess we agree about the pull of email, differing only in our response to that. I am biased, of course as I made a platform that enables
Dan Randow
Apr 28, 2014

Online Facilitation Unconference 2014 (was: "Re: Frank Bradley - My

Hi Orla, We hope to release a follow-up report to the Online Facilitation Unconference later this quarter. Based on everything I've heard, I presume there is
Apr 6, 2014

Sparks of Life

Hi all, from delinquent list mom Nancy! I took keep thinking about spending time reenergizing this list. I think we were one of the first to talk about online
Nancy White
Apr 5, 2014

Paul Edison-Swift - My Introduction

Regarding your last paragraph Frank … the reliance of some people on email is what leads me to never recommend or build a collaboration space without support
Paul Edison-Swift
Apr 4, 2014

Re: Frank Bradley - My Introduction

Thanks for your reply Dan, When I talk about "bringing people together" and "driving adoption" I'm talking about something that goes hand in hand. We are a
Apr 4, 2014

Re: Frank Bradley - My Introduction

Welcome, Frank! Nice to have another Irish accent in the group J As Dan said, the group is rather quiet at the moment but I've actually been wondering how to
Orla Cronin
Apr 4, 2014

Re: Frank Bradley - My Introduction

Hi Frank and thanks for your intro. This group is rather quiet these days but I am sure you will be able to engage someone in a conversation. I am already
Dan Randow
Apr 3, 2014

Frank Bradley - My Introduction

Hi everyone. My name is Frank Bradley and I am a business analyst working for Oracle, based out of Ireland. My role in Oracle centres on driving adoption of
Apr 3, 2014
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