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Re: [onesheetwonders] Re: New boat builder

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  • Zoran Pualich
    Hallo Lee and Phil, I can t see any problems - Lee s pictures and text are in the folder  One Sheet Boat by T. Lee. (Original drawings and offset tables
    Message 1 of 31 , Feb 13, 2013
      Hallo Lee and Phil,
      I can't see any problems - Lee's pictures and text are in the folder " One Sheet Boat by T. Lee. " (Original drawings and offset tables used to make an experimental one sheet boat, includes photos of finished boat). ... [in FILE section] .... In [PHOTO section] there isn't any folder named "Nutty Boats", but that isn't necessary, when everything is visible in [FILE section]

      Everything is clear and useful! Only, I would like text to be in Word format, but not real problem for interested to transfer it that way. (I did that for my archive of cute boats)...

      And, Lee's boat is cute, on sketches and photos! (I am not expert)... I liked its lines when for the first time I saw them. As being quite over-sized, old and married (my wife like to be on boat with me), one-sheet boats are just of theoretical interest to me - brain exercise.

      Therefore, I now build some simple boat as test of of my possibilities, and our love for water (maybe expired during years), than to learn something, test some materials and tools, and get confidences. After that, I will build one better! Maybe, using your lines but over-sized - if it is OK with you, Lee? It seems to me that such lines are good compromise of stability, low water-resistance (draft?), simplicity and cute look? I will use my boat(s) to cruise over Swiss lakes, near the shore, during nice weather and calm water - good for pensioners?

      Ciao, Zoran
      Bern - Swiss

      From: nutty_boats <nutty_boats@...>
      To: onesheetwonders@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, 12 February 2013, 2:43
      Subject: [onesheetwonders] Re: New boat builder

      I tried to put it in the files section because the folder has a mixture of photos and text files that work together.
      T. Lee.

      --- In onesheetwonders@yahoogroups.com, "Jack" wrote:

        Hi, I will take a look and see if I can work out what has happened. In the meantime I`ve made you your own folder in the photos section to upload to - Nutty Boats.
        Cheers Phil.
      From: nutty_boats <nutty_boats@...>
      To: onesheetwonders@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, 9 February 2013, 18:27
      Subject: [onesheetwonders] Re: New boat builder

      I thought I would do one better, upload the folder to the files section. It did not work.
      T. Lee.
      --- In onesheetwonders@yahoogroups.com, "Jack" wrote:

        Hi T, can you post a link to the folder? Cheers Phil.
        --- In onesheetwonders@yahoogroups.com, "nutty_boats" wrote:
      I posted photos of the boat I built in boatdesign and microcruising groups.
      T. Lee
    • TdeM
      Shamrock is very nice. A little bit of cheating for the transom but who cares. Transoms are a pain to make anyway! I would probably make the bottom a bit more
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 15, 2013

        Shamrock is very nice. A little bit of cheating for the transom but who cares. Transoms are a pain to make anyway! I would probably make the bottom a bit more curved at the back, to rise the transom out of the water. I've got a freeship model floating around somewhere I'll see if I can find it.

        On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 9:02 AM, kbgwp <kbgwp@...> wrote:

        Just re-reading the messages and checked out your appie page. It is a bit smaller than I want but shows that it is possible to sail a tiny boat. I haven't decided on a design yet but I may try the shamrock design or might re-look at the summer breeze design. I might also just go back to the PDRacer design and forget the one sheet idea but I sure like the thought of using just one sheet of plywood instead of spending a lot of money on a first attempt at boat building.

        At least I'm having some fun cutting and taping up pieces of paper testing out ideas.


        --- In onesheetwonders@yahoogroups.com, TdeM <106498@...> wrote:
        > Hi Brian,
        > I've had a lot of fun sailing my one sheet boat (built from several
        > leftovers, but still). There's a page on it here:
        > http://www.tdem.co.nz/boat/appie.html
        > That had about 2 square meters, and could take a bit more. I wouldn't go
        > more than 3 though especially if still learning. The mast is bamboo, a
        > great material if you can get it, cheap and very lightweight. I highly
        > recommend a sprit sail. Short mast, easy to make. Sails well.
        > That boat was made wide (0.8m) and short. Which gave good stability, but
        > not very good speed. Now, speed is important in a sail boat, because the
        > slower you go the less side force you create, meaning it becomes very hard
        > to sail upwind.
        > You need a big centre / lee board, especially if going slow.
        > I think shamrock would make an excellent one sheet sail boat. A pointy
        > skiff bow makes it very easy to install a mast, because the boat is nice
        > and deep in the front giving good mast bury. Scows are the opposite.
        > The hardest thing about sailing tiny boats is that you can't really move
        > around. You need to work out the steering and mainsheet arrangement so you
        > can sit facing forward.
        > Stay close to shore wearing a life jacket!
        > ====
        > For a learn to sail boat, a boat like the summer breeze is probably a
        > better choice in almost every way. One more sheet of plywood, but it has
        > much better sailing potential.
        > Anyway, enough rambling.
        > -Thomas


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