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1752RE: Long Time Lurker, First Time Boat Builder

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  • zon149ian
    Sep 23 5:30 AM
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      I had it in the water and nearly capsized the first time out. I did take on a lot of water, but stayed afloat. I did have to lean back and spread my legs in front like you said. After that I did pretty good paddling around the lake. You just don't want to make any sudden moves or I am sure it will tip. I was a little disappointed how easily it tips, but it will just take a little practice. I had planned on taking it to the beach, but I don't think it would survive any wave movement at all. I put some more pictures up, but it has taken several days for them to show up on yahoo. I was hoping to use it for fishing, but I think casting may make the boat capsize. I will try it some time just for fun.--Garyg  

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      Looks great, well done.


      The location of the back rest is key to getting good ballance, also try to spread your weight evenly by leaning back pushing your legs foward laying lower in the boat this helped me.

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      Thanks for the kind comments. It is been a fun learning experience. It was harder to build than I thought, especially with hot and humid weather, back and knee problems and since I am almost 67 years old that makes everything harder.


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      Hey Gary,

      That's not a boat, that's a work of art! Looks great. I think you'll
      find the bottom is plenty strong, once you put it in the water that
      helps support your weight too.


      On 8/2/13, GMR <zonian149@...> wrote:
      > I am currently trying to build the "One Sheet Boat" on insturctables built
      > by Verga. I have come to step 10 and I have a question. I have cut the chine
      > logs and the directions say to install the widest part down, but does not
      > state which edge goes against the side of the boat. Any help would really be
      > appreciated. I am not sure how this is going to turn out, because I have
      > made a few minor (I hope) errors during construction. Thanks for a great and
      > fascinating group.--Gary In Jacksonville, FL
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