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Re: [oneroom] Question re. Schoolhouse Privies

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  • Jim Fry
    Since no one else replied I ll give you my guess. . It doesn t sound like you found an outhouse foundation/pit. It sounds too shallow and you didn t mention
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      Since no one else replied I'll give you my guess.
      It doesn't sound like you found an outhouse foundation/pit. It sounds too shallow and you didn't mention a cleanout door. You also said it was quite a ways from the school.
      The style of outhouses I've seen in Northern Ohio in Amish country and on older farms are usually closer to where they are needed. A person just doesn't want to walk/run long distances on a cold day or night.  Also the ones I've seen have a way to periodicaly clean them out so they remain usable long term.
      The possible one you describe would probably be filled quite quickly if used by many students and others. The ones I've seen have pits 3/4/5 foot deep.
      Can you post a picture? Is there any holes or pipe openings in the cement? Is there any evidence of bolts or screws in the top edge of the cement which would have anchored a building to the foundation (look for rust spots)? Where did the school get drinking water? Where is the foundation in relationship to the water supply?

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      Hello - this weekend I uncovered what I believe is the foundation of an old privy pit on the property of our late 19th/early 20th century one-room schoolhouse (www.sydenstrickerschoolhouse.org).

      The foundation is made of poured concrete, and it is approximately 5-1/2" thick and about 11" deep. The overall measurements of the foundation are about 48" x 55".

      The location seems right for a privy. It is set quite a ways away from the school building, and on a slight hill sloping away from the school. There are records indicating that a privy pit was filled in sometime around 1950, but no indication as to where it was. There is also no documentation that there was ever a well on the property, which was my second guess as to its purpose.

      I am wondering if there is any information out there about schoolhouse privy design, measurements, foundation depth, etc... so I can compare my findings to other privies.

      Thanks so much!

      - Lisa Becker

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