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Re: [oneroom] Welcome back to me

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  • Sharon Cook
    Hi Sarah.....So sorry you have been hit with this headache problem & hope you can find some way to diagnose & treat it.....I have missed you online...... I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 20, 2009
      Hi Sarah.....So sorry you have been hit with this headache problem & hope
      you can find some way to diagnose & treat it.....I have missed you

      I wanted to tell you that---#1,,,,the McGee-Brick School will be doing it's
      last phase of interior restoration very shortly....We applied for a local
      grant that has been offered through the racing & gaming dept....but we did
      not get it, for the 2nd time that we applied....We are going to try to
      handle the charges for the plastering with our own funds...It will be close
      but we feel we can handle it....We've had an ongoing project for 10 years
      now so it is time to get the job done....
      After the plastering is complete, volunteers will do the painting of the
      walls & wainscoting & will finish the floor by applying the tung oil, as
      recommeded by our historical consultant.....#2---We will be having a fund
      raiser on Sunday afternoon, July 5 at the Manchester Tirrill Park band
      shell....In case it rains, we have it reserved for the following Sat., July
      11....Our program will be Patriotic with a special guest portraying Abraham
      Lincoln....Local musicians will be providing the music---a ladies' trio, a
      mixed quartet & some instrumentalists.....I hope that you can come---There
      is no admission charge.....We will have a can out for free-will
      donations......In the meantime, please visit our website at:
      Sharon Cook, Chariperson

      On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 10:03 AM, Sarah Uthoff <suthoff@...> wrote:

      > Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Welcome back to me. I�d like
      > to apologize to everybodyfor dropping out of sight online for the last
      > couple of month. There has beensome sickness going around here and I�ve had
      > it, but good. It�s been adifferent kind of illness, it�s been mostly stuck
      > in my head. I�ve had aterrible time concentrating and getting blinding
      > headaches if I tried to readand concentrate, especially online. Every time I
      > thought I was better it cameback and hit me again. I finally got to the
      > point where I�ve at least read allmy e-mail and I hope that I can slowly
      > catch up with some of the things that Ithought and in some cases said that
      > I�d have done by now. I still have to getin fairly short bursts, but now
      > I�ve started again. I hope that I can playcatch up. Again sorry for
      > disappearing, but in one of the best pieces of adviceI every learned is from
      > the bee story on Captain Kangaroo, �The best I can dois the best I can do
      > and I�m doing the best that I can� and I�ve been followingit.
      > Sarah Sue
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      Sharon Cook

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