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SUMMARY of our first ONEorlando Meeting

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  • John Barriales
    SUMMARY of our first ONEorlando Meeting at the Casselberry Library on June 18, 2005 Those who attended came from all over the Orlando area and as far as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005

      SUMMARY of our first ONEorlando Meeting at the Casselberry Library on June 18, 2005

      Those who attended came from all over the Orlando area and as far as Sarasota… a graphic artist, a teacher, a musician, a PR/Mktg consultant, a soldier, a lawyer, an architect, an actress, a student, a Mom, a child, all with a common goal.

      1. Introduction and Discussion:

      We began with general discussion about what we know and don’t know about the AIDS epidemic and extreme poverty stricken areas in Africa. Chantal from Rwanda gave us an overview of what is happening in Rwanda.  Chantal’s mother still lives in Rwanda and after raising 5 children of her own, is now raising 12 children who have lost their parents to AIDs and the genocide. Chantal’s mother has made a video of the village she lives in and an orphanage, which is currently housing over 300 children. We will watch the video at our next awareness meeting in July.

      2. Upcoming Events. . . EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND!

      There are several events in July and one currently scheduled in September.

      - Live 8 Viewing, Saturday, July 2nd @ Froggers (family restaurant/pub in Oviedo), Noon

      Joan reserved the upper deck for us at Froggers. The concert (noon - 6:00pm) will be shown on a big-sceeen TV. Froggers is also allowing us to have a ONE Awareness Table set up as well. 

      - ONE.org Awareness Show, Sunday, July 3rd @ Natura Coffee and Tea (
      12078 Collegiate Way, strip mall on SouthWest corner of University and Alafaya near UCF), 7:00 pm

      Adam Cohen is coordinating several local musicians who will be performing (singing and acoustic guitars).  For more information contact Adam at adamcohen@....

      - 4TH OF July Celebration - at Celebration

      Rose would like to have an awareness table set up since hundreds of people will attend. She is able to coordinate the event, but cannot attend.  If there are any volunteers who would like to staff the table at this event, please contact Joan ASAP at ONECampaignFLA@....

      - DEFINE:  (Art - Gallery / Exhibition),
      September 23, 2005 from 6:00 – 9:00pm

      Daniel, Yolanda and Melissa are coordinating this event with the Student Advisory Alumni Association and the International Academy of Design Technology to display photography, spoken words, music, fine arts, graphic art, fashion and interior design. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to ONEorlando. Door prize is a U2 IPOD. DEFINE is a juried event and is in need of two more judges for the Interior Design division… they are also in need of “drop center points” for the artwork… We currently have 12 ONEorlando volunteers for this event and if you are interested and would like more information, contact Daniel at dj01@....

      Many other ideas for awareness events in the future were discussed … such as a “ONE Awareness Walk” by Disney, “Kids helping Kids” art show, ONE event at UCF, etc.  More information as it is available. If you do coordinate an event, please keep a list of any sponsors to Joan, as we would eventually like to add them to the website… to say thank you.

      3. Donations / Organizations
      There are many questions regarding donations, like “where do we send donations?”  “who gets them?”  “how can we be sure these monies / supplies are getting to their intended destination?”    The ONE Campaign does not want your money - they want your voice, but there are people who want to help by donating things like money or school supplies. As a group ONEorlando decided to research several aid organizations, many of which are listed on the ONE.org website.

      We discussed having a few beneficiaries for donations, which will be decided as a group: 1.  donations to an international relief organization, 2. the possibility of adopting a village, or adopting an orphanage in the areas most affected by AIDS and extreme poverty in
      Rwanda, and/or 3. donating / helping with a local Orlando organization.

      The following members are researching these organizations: 

      Global Aids Fund – Amy

      OXFAM America - John

      United Way – Yolanda

      Save the Children - Carmen

      Bread for the World - Heather

      World Vision - Daniel

      Care USA – Elle

      CONCERN - Natalie

      DATA - Ashley

      HEIFER - Gina, Amanda

      InterAction - Chantal

      NET Aid - Amanda

      NGO’s - Mark F

      United Methodist Church - Mark H

      UNA - USA - Mark H.


      Please make copies of your findings to share at the next meeting!

      4. www.ONEorlando.org – in progress
      Daniel secured the domain name and in the near future, Daniel, Rob and Joan will implement the site. There is a monthly fee for this site and will be self-supported by ONEorlando. If you would like to donate to the site, or if there is anything in particular you’d like to see on the site, please contact us: ONECampaignFLA@... and dj01@....

      5. T-shirts, Banners, Bumper Stickers, Bracelets, etc.
      We need t-shirts, a banner at our events and bumper stickers for ONE awareness, but we are relying on volunteers helping to identify local sponsors for these items. 
      Daniel (a graphic artist) is working on several designs for us to choose from at our next Awareness Meeting in July. If you have any comments or suggestions, contact Daniel at dj01@.... We need a print company to supply the shirts (starting out with a small number) and possibly bumper stickers. 

      Joan should be receiving a large lot of bracelets and as soon as they arrive, if you are interested, contact her at ONEcampaignFLA@... to make arrangements to get them to you. 

      6. What Else?

      Awareness!  We need to constantly be educating ourselves to better understand what our goal is. If you know anyone who would like to be a speaker at one of our meetings or at an event, or if you are a volunteer with a story or information to share, please contact us.

      • Awareness Note:  want to know more? the movie “Hotel Rwanda” is now available.  Also “Sometimes in April” is another similar movie about the genocide in Africa.
      • Awareness Note:  The first day of each month is ONE DAY… and the first week of July is ONE WEEK…. Wear your ONE bracelets and tell a few people each day about what we are doing… ask them to sign the declaration and  join us at our next awareness meeting.
      • Awareness Note:   If you want to volunteer and be part of the delegation the first week of July in Philly, contact Katherine@... (expenses are not covered by ONE/DATA).

      Again, it was great meeting everyone Saturday.  If you were unable to attend, we hope to see you at the next meeting... to be part of the positive energy, and the group of wonderful people, who together as ONE will do great things.

      The next ONEorlando Awareness Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 16, at the
      Casselberry Library, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Bring a friend… (the large room was taken… so we’ll be in the smaller room across the hall)… See you then!

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