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Please VOTE today for NYA Member to attend the Rock n' Rol l Fantasy Camp!!!

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  • Jean E. Miller
    Anyone who attended the first HDSA National Youth Alliance Friday night Talent Show in St. Louis in 2004 will remember giving a standing ovation to a young
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2007
      Anyone who attended the first HDSA National Youth Alliance Friday night Talent Show in St. Louis in 2004 will remember giving a standing ovation to a young lady who did a guitar solo after she ROCKED the house!! That young lady was Stephanie Curnow. Stephanie, who is now 23, comes from New Jersey and tested positive for HD a few weeks after her 19th birthday.

      Recently Stephanie entered a radio contest to win a chance to go to the Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp that will be in New York August 30-September 3, 2007. On July 31st WAXQ employees narrowed down the entries to the ten best contestants based on originality, artistic ability, acting, humor and creative use of Station's image.

      Stephanie Curnow is one of those ten and YOU can help make Stephanie's wish come true by voting for her TODAY then share this message with your family, friends and co-workers and ask them to vote for Stephanie too!

      To Vote:
      WAXQ Q1043 Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp voting: http://www.q1043.com/pages/station_promos.html
      On this link you can view the video Stephanie submitted then vote for her at the bottom of the page.

      Deadline - Tomorrow, Friday August 3rd!
      The vote will be at the close of business on or about Friday August 3rd, 2007. Listeners are invited to log onto the Station's website and vote for the finalist they believe has the best video. Voting is limited to one vote per person. If a finalist receives multiple and/or irregular votes or multiple votes from the same user or users, regardless of the source, the Station reserves the right to disqualify the finalist in its sole discretion.

      I voted this morning and as of 5:15 am the results were:

      Gannett Ries 33.07 %
      Jack Kuhn 16.11 %
      Dave Attilo 15.95 %
      Lee Howard 19.20 %
      Stephanie Curnow 7.83 %
      Lisa Tardo 4.35 %
      Glen Hughes 1.53 %
      Andrew Sullivan 1.06 %
      Steve Marruso 0.53 %
      John Raschella 0.36 %

      Stephanie needs our VOTE.........please help send her to the 2007 Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp in NYC!!!!

      Thank you!

      Stephanie sent the following message to her fellow NYA members Tuesday, July 31st:
      Subject: So I Want To Be a Rock God ;) PLEASE READ

      Hey all!

      I just wanted to send a quick e-mail your way and ask for your support. Your vote is needed. I entered a video of me playing guitar a couple weeks ago to Q104.3's website to win a trip to Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp in NYC. Paul Stanley and Ted Nugent are featured instructors. I found out last night that I made the finals and I need your vote. You can vote more than once. Follow the link below, send in your vote and pass the word along. It would be greatly appreciated.

      Stephanie Curnow

      A little background on Stephanie:

      In February 2004, shortly after joining the NYA, Stephanie wrote in part: "Someone asked me if knowing I'll be sick makes me want to stop doing what I love. I felt that way at first but realized I have to keep myself happy now, and do what I love. I can't just stop playing guitar and not keep the dream of making it in the music business because I know one day I might not be able to play. If it's something that makes you happy now you should do it. It might be hard most of the time but all the hard stuff you deal with at a young age makes you stronger than you'll ever know. We as people being affected by HD are greater people than most just because of the HD in our life.

      Music is Stephanie's passion in life and she hasn't let being HD positive stop her from dedicating her time and energy to raising awareness and donations to support HD research and pursuing her dream to become a Rock 'N Roll STAR!

      See this link to learn more about the Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp:

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