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Organizational Network Analysis & KM

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  • John Maloney
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2011

      Description: Description: https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpr.ak.vresp.com%2Fe6a430ed5%2Fnetworksingularity.com%2Fimages%2F7%2F9%2F6%2F0%2F6%2F170976-160697%2F2-9-2011%25202-39-52%2520PM_thumb.gif%3F__nocache__%3D1&t=1502938337&sig=SUvnR02pZ7DiwMbRYFkQMw--~D

      The Network Singularity, the Future of Networks, and KM Silicon Valley are delighted to invite you to your next Northern California leadership retreat on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA).


      What: Organizational Network Analysis

      Where: San Francisco, California USA

      When: 11 March 2011, 9AM-5PM

      Who: Valdis Krebs - http://www.orgnet.com/

      Register: Organizational Network Analysis (Register by 12 February for a 20% discount)


      Description: Description: https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpr.ak.vresp.com%2Fb1b881407%2Fwww.pmcluster.com%2FPrediction%2520Markets%2Fimages%2Fbanner-4.jpg%3F__nocache__%3D1&t=1502938337&sig=JdcTVjk.h6uJfv2E2fn4ZQ--~D

      Who Should Attend the Organizational Network Analysis Retreat?

      Forward-thinking business and technology leaders, representing finance, life sciences, manufacturing, biotechnology, service and support, energy, aerospace, government, non-profit and educational institutions, organizations and markets. Your practice-based retreat is optimized for enterprise executives, business leaders, community organizers, social media experts, professionals, consultants, developers, engineers, scholars, students, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs. There are no prerequisites. 

      Long a critical research tool of anthropologists, sociologists, economists and scientists, social network analysis (SNA) is now an essential organizational capability and practice. Entrepreneurs, investors, organizations, even Hollywood studios, know the incredible importance and impact of the social graph and its analysis. Over the years, organizational network analysis (ONA) has emerged as the leading, practical application of SNA for business and organizations.

      In this popular, guided tutorial, you will gain practical understanding and skills in applied ONA. The focus is on practices and ONA Case Studies. Your community event will equip you with InFlow 3.1, know-how and relationships to achieve deep network comprehension and new, practical capabilities in network analysis.

      See a decade of Future of Networks & KM Silicon Valley Testimonials.

      About Valdis Krebs and InFlow

      Valdis Krebs is the Founder, and Chief Scientist of  OrgNet. Valdis is the world’s foremost authority on ONA. Krebs is an accomplished leader, researcher, trainer and author. He is also the developer of InFlow software for social and organizational network analysis [SNA/ONA]. Since 1987, Valdis has led over 500 SNA/ONA projects.

      The easy to use InFlow 3.1 software measures and visualizes organizational networks. InFlow makes knowledge exchange, information flow and emergent communities visible. InFlow reveals networks of alliances and other connections within and between organizations and communities. The visual and analytic advantages of InFlow offer improvements in organizational networks to achieve impact, business performance improvements and positive outcomes. Valuable links…


      More Details and Registration

      Futures of Networks and KM Silicon Valley leadership retreats are not lofty or theoretical. Rather, they provision the essential practices and specific expertise to prosper in today’s network organizations and economies. The focus is on authentic conversation, collaboration and building relationships critical to success. Participation is limited to optimize conversation and relationship building.

      Early-bird registration is open. Registration: Organizational Network Analysis (Register by 12 February for a built-in 25% discount).

      Tuition includes materials, refreshments, luncheon, InFlow 3.1 discount and the Future of Networks post-event community reception. All are welcome. There are no prerequisites. Secure, low-cost, online registration in advance required. There is no on-site or day-of-event registration. Photo identification is required for building access. This event will reach capacity quickly so early registration is recommended.

      Group registration is available and recommended for intact teams and delegates from the same organization. Please contact the Future of Networks for special academic and non-profit discounts.


      Future of Networks

      Description: Description: https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpr.ak.vresp.com%2F0c17fe2f5%2Ffutureofnetworks.com%2Ffutureofnetworks%2FImages%2FTFON_logo.gif%3F__nocache__%3D1&t=1502938337&sig=Le8nhdvrIAeGniblLHBIew--~D

      Mail: info@...
      Web: http://www.futureofnetworks.com

      Blog: http://networksingularity.com

      Twitter: http://twitter.com/fonetworks

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