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Spring 2010 - Plexus Institute Connects

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  • John Maloney
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2010

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      Complexity Matters

      March 2010


      Plexus gets "Connected"

      Connected book cover

      Social networks can be wonderfully liberating and creative. They can also be dark, dangerous and mysterious. James Fowler, an internationally known social scientist with a deep understanding of human social networks, is the co-author (with Nicholas Chirstakis) of Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. He participated in a Plexus Call to kick off our Winter Book Group discussion. In a series of teleconferences facilitated by Plexus Associates Liz Rykert and June Holley, participants explored how networks influence virtually every aspect of our lives in ways that are not always obvious. We talked about how networks underlie broad issues in economies, elections, and public health. Listen to the call archive. If you have an idea for a book for our next Plexus Book Group let us know!


      PD MRSA Project

      Raised Hands in TorontoPlexus is participating in an exciting initiative with the Regenstrief Institute to explore the integration of Positive Deviance with Lean approaches to reducing MRSA in hosptials. Project participants gathered in Toronto in January at a meeting hosted by the University Health Network, one of seven institutions participating in this round. Attendees from hosptials in Indiana, Montana, Maine and Canada shared strategies for engaging hosptial staff at all levels in efforts to reduce MRSA using Positive Deviance and other creative approaches.  The program was designed to maximize interaction using a variety of "liberating structures." We also heard from Brenda Zimmerman whose Ecocycle Model provides some insights about how innovations might move from one level of the system to another. 


      Nancy Dixon webinar

      Dixon presentation title slide"Lessons learned" studies, "evaluation" and "assessment" don't have a very good track record for making a difference in organizations. There are lots of reasons for this. Sometimes the findings are not credible, or are too abstract - but in the end, all too frequently, the recommendations are never carry out. In most situations in which an organization asks or is required to take an in-depth, objective look at an issue, the study report is more likely to be the end rather than the beginning of change. More than 100 participants joined a Plexus webinar with author, Nancy Dixon, to explore the Participatory Action Research framework and how it can be applied in organizational change projects like many that Plexus sponsors.


      Rural Health in Indiana

      Indiana Rural Health logoThe Spring Into Quality Symposium attracted participants from rural health care institutions across Indiana to Plainfield, Indiana on March 4. Plexus Institute helped design and facilitate the Syposium hosted by the Indiana Rural Health Association to identify common questions that might form the basis for larger-scale health care action research based on both organizational and community needs. Topics including Transforming Care at the Bedside and the Transitional Care Model were identified as promising areas to explore.

      We've had great turn-out for our PlexusCall series this month. David Rock and James Begun discussed neuro-leadership. Neal Kaufman and Andy Kaufman joined us to talk about behavior change interventions. We also kicked of our Connected: The Surprising Power of Social Networks book group with a PlexusCall with co-author James Fowler.

      Archived PlexusCalls are available on our web site or search Plexus Institute on the iTunes store and subscribe to our archive podcast.




      Lisa Kimball
      Plexus Institute

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