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Re: Data Collection Options for ONA

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  • everestkca
    Hi - for surveys, I use (and am very happy with) Optimice s ONA survey tool (http://www.onasurveys.com/ ). It is easier to use
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 21, 2008

      Hi - for surveys, I use (and am very happy with)  Optimice's ONA survey tool (http://www.onasurveys.com/).  It is easier to use than most tools I have tried.  It is also easy to use for the survey participants.  The data is available in both Excel (XML) and .VNA formats.  It supports both bounded and snowball (participant generated list) techniques.  The support is great and I have found them to be open and responsive to enhancement requests.   Its simplicity however may be an issue if your needs are complex.  For example, you can't do piping (e.g. if question to answer 2 is no, skip to question 6).  And all the network questions are about the same network (e.g. you first identify the people in the network and then you ask the network questions - so you can't asked question 1 and 2 about a specific network group and question 3 about another network group).  Having identified those "cons" however, I still find it the best for what I do, and find it meets my needs at the best price point.  If you have any specific questions on this, feel free to contact me. 

      Hope this helps, Kathryn Everest, IBM Canada

      --- In ona-prac@yahoogroups.com, "mfrobinson99" <mfrobinson99@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone have a list or recommendation on the different tools
      > available for collecting ONA data? I'm interested in identifying what
      > different options are out there for conducting surveys that include
      > bounded and personal networks for survey populations ranging from 10 -
      > 600.
      > I saw an earlier message about a survey monkey network template, but
      > the link was expired.
      > I'd appreciate any insights into what data collection tools everyone is
      > using and what the pros/cons of the various tools are.
      > Thanks!!

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