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RE: [ona-prac] PLEASE REVIEW - ONA-Prac Poll

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  • Laurence Lock Lee
    Yes we should practice what we preach in terms of survey design. Can t promise that the survey tool has full flexibility as it is pretty new and we are relying
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 27, 2007
      Yes we should practice what we preach in terms of survey design. Can't promise that the survey tool has full flexibility as it is pretty new and we are relying on the goodwill of our developer colleague. But it will also provide us with some good feedback from the practitioner group that the tool was built for. The output currently generates vna files as the default, as once it it vna then through Ucinet we can usually get into all other formats. In terms of practicalities we need a working group to review the survey. At the moment we have myself, Nat, Patti, Bruce Cai and Valdis.....if there are any other volunteers all we need is an e-mail address to give you access to the survey as it is being designed.

      Laurence Lock Lee


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      Leave it to Valdis to make sure that we make this a great practice exercise for all on this list! From the design through the survey and the analysis, we can leverage the experience of our membership.
      What are the questions that you would like to ask?  And what are the demographics we should collect?
      Certainly, Valdis, we can convert the data into InFlow format (I least I can, as I've done that many times!). We could also see how many different analysis tools people want to try out so we can have an array of visualizations?

      From: ona-prac@yahoogroup s.com [mailto:ona- prac@yahoogroups .com] On Behalf Of Valdis Krebs
      Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 3:16 PM
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      Subject: Re: [ona-prac] PLEASE REVIEW - ONA-Prac Poll

      Good idea!

      What are the network questions you will ask? Since there is
      expertise on this list maybe we can review/edit them before sending out?

      Can the survey tool export data in a CSV format? Like this?

      FromNode, ToNode, LinkStrength, LinkContent

      [FromNode is the survey taker, LinkContent would correspond to the
      network question (task, advice, expertise, reference, etc)]

      If so, I would gladly run the data through InFlow and post the results
      [maps and metrics] to a "ONA-PRAC only" link.

      Also, will you be tracking node "attributes" like location,
      experience, gender, role, etc.? Nodes can be colored/grouped by


      On Sep 27, 2007, at 2:51 PM, Nat Welch wrote:

      > Dear ONA-PRAC members:
      > Our group has been in
      existence for 2 years and we have over 200
      > members. The moderators
      (Patti, Bruce, and I) have had a number of
      > queries from members about
      getting a better understanding of who we
      > are and who we know in the ONA
      community. That led us to come up
      > with a brilliant idea - How about
      doing an ONA on ONA-Prac? The
      > intent would be to sheed some light on
      the geographic, functional,
      > knowledge, and social aspects of our group.
      Cai Kjaer and Laurence
      > Lock Lee have offered to let us use their survey
      tool and we'd do
      > the analysis and share it back to the group so that we
      can see what
      > our group looks like under a network
      > Privacy concerns are paramount so only the survey
      responders in
      > ONAPrac can see the detailed results. We did think about
      > possibility of writing an article about the practice of ONA around
      > the world by ONA-Prac members as a way to highlight the work of
      > this group's members, and if that happened we would use some
      summary data for that article, but no data that identifies any
      individual would be included.
      > OPT OPTIONS - We will send the
      survey questionaire link to everyone
      > who is a member of ONA-Prac UNLESS
      you request to Opt Out by
      > sending me an email
      href="mailto:atnathanielwelch%40earthlink.net">atnathanielwelch@ earthlink. net. I hope you
      > won't Opt out so you can share in results. Please let me
      know by
      > Friday, October 5th and if you would like to receive the
      > in a differenet email box, please email me the new
      > Thanks in advance and I hope that you will join the
      other 200+
      > members of ONA-Prac and see what our network looks

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