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Individual's Perception of Network Position

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  • Kathleen Marvin
    Greetings, I am a coach considering a Master s project to look at the effect of the gap between an individual s perception of his or her position in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2007
      I am a coach considering a Master's project to look at the effect of the gap between an individual's perception of his or her position in a specified network and the perception of others in that same network of that individual's position. I want to look at it from a coach's perspective - in what ways is it useful to identify this perception gap for an individual, and to develop a coaching model to work with this information?
      I have been doing a lot of reading on SNA in the past year, written some introductory articles, and done one very small SNA pilot using UCINET and Netdraw. I don't know anyone who knows anything about SNA, and so have been very dependent on literature and online resources. I've been lurking on ona-prac from the beginning.
      As I do not really have the expertise to do a full SNA nor anyone local who I can identify to partner with or advise me, I am wondering if I could do interviews of people both before and after they have been subjects in an SNA that someone else is conducting. I would like to see how their thinking changed about what they need to learn to be more successful in their organization as a result of learning how they are perceived within the network.
      Would any of you be in a position to connect me with people who might be willing to be interviewed for this purpose, of course in complete confidentiality? Also, any opinions/suggestions about my approach and its validity would be most appreciated.
      My very best regards,
      Kathleen Marvin
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