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Hot tech: SNA!

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  • Valdis Krebs
    Gartner group has high hopes for SNA... ... http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=3465 Valdis
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2006
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      Gartner group has high hopes for SNA...

      > Also, social network analysis–collecting massive amounts of data from
      > multiple sources, analyzing the data to identify relationships and
      > mining it for new information to identify new target markets, for
      > example–will reach maturity in two years. That is the dream of every
      > business–probing the data in hopes of discovering a new source of
      > revenue or to stop some profuse revenue bleeding. Of course, data
      > collection can blow up in a company's face, such as AOL's latest
      > violation of the unwritten privacy rules of the Internet. Social
      > network analysis is going to be a huge area of activity, in terms of
      > companies building better products to extract business intelligence
      > from disparate data sources, but unless the privacy issues are
      > addressed, there is a substantial risk of alienating users/customers,
      > who are looking for the best customer "service," not a rapacious
      > company prying into their Web trails without permission or preventing
      > users from accessing and owning that same data.


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