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  • Matt Moore
    May 16, 2011

      While I think it made some valid points, I found your original post a bit weird in terms of tone. It seemed to be making some thinly-veiled attacks on people whose approach you disagree with (rightly or wrongly*) - under the guise of an AAR-type activity.

      I'd prefer to see you take personal responsibility for your actions - "This is what I, John Maloney, think I did well and what I, John Maloney, would have done differently regarding Value Networks LLC". I would find that far more useful.



      *I found a lot of the discussions on the Value Networks list distressingly theoretical however I also thought that the software offer was less than compelling. I think it's interesting to compare the relative successes of Value Networks LLC with Cognitive Edge Pty Ltd at present.

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      Hi Laurie –

      The End of Value Networks is not a funeral notice. Rather, it is good project management and a robust KM practice. It is called a post mortem, an After Action Review (AAR), a de-briefing, etc.

      They are institutional and critical practices. We all know what they are and hopefully have participated in many! They are peaked learning experiences and of enormous, irreplaceable value, as you all well know.

      Most all of the back channel feedback has been positive. It is important to ONA and other disciplines to know exactly what went wrong.

      Some of the reaction has been a weird sentimentality like something died. It's a simple LLC business failure, folks. C'mon, no one died, there is no funeral, no mourning. Some silly people are in denial or entering the seven stages of grief. Ridiculous. Someone even called it `bogus.' How pathetic is that?

      Unfortunately, this type AAR push-back can be common. Unexpected business news is not met with objective analysis. Rather, people make-up stories, shoot-the-messenger, or simply reject fact.

      This is an interesting paradox. Look, it's very clear, for ONA/SNA/VNA growth, we'd all be better off if we `drink our own champagne' more often. Stay away from the method bullies that don't even play by their OWN rules. In short, "Doctor, heal thyself!"


      --- In ona-prac@yahoogroups.com, Laurence Lock Lee <llocklee@...> wrote:
      > Yes I think rolling out the funeral notice is a little premature.

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