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809RE: [ona-prac] Re: End of Value Networks

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  • John Maloney
    May 11, 2011

      Hi Laurie – Yes, of course.


      “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." – Mark Twain


      The method, technique, research, content, tools and body of practice of VN/VNA remains intact, growing and ongoing in myriad forms and modalities.


      However, VNLLC was specifically conceived to scale VN/VNA via SaaS and social media in a venture-backed, software startup model. It didn’t work for a lot of reasons and is terminated.


      The End of Value Networks is not intended to be pejorative. Rather, it is really just a important learning milestone. The big VNLLC mistake was leading with method at the expense of customer development. It is is the main take-away.  


      I predict many future mutations of VN/VNA both in technology, integration and deployments. The simpler and more transparent, the better for widespread adoption.


      Again, practitioners need to strive to wall-off research in favor of customer development and product management. Since these behaviors are orthogonal to research, it is best for VN/VNA/ONA/SNA practitioners and SMEs to deliberately seek out interpreters. Surround yourselves with qualified business management talent. Don’t underestimate how difficult this activity is.      


      In NorCal there is a frenzy of startup activity. The leading model is Lean Startup.



      The main and only startup rule is a ferocious, radical customer focus. Allow customers, not methods or techniques, to determine outcomes. Method rumination and refinement is fine, but as VNLLC painfully found out, fine-grain, out-of-the-building, adjacent customer development is really all that matters.






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      Yes I think rolling out the funeral notice is a little premature. The basic concept is solid. How it is beneficially exploited  is what interests me. We are continuously experimenting with variations on delivery themes. As John pointed out, invariably with each iteration, we find we need to simplify the message and make it easier for others to adopt. Verna has been generous in not trying to 'preach' a right and wrong way to apply VNA and is supportive of the different approaches to exploitation. At the end of the day 99.99% of the consulting and business advice market is not using this stuff, so there's plenty of room for trying out new ways of delivery.


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