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807RE: [ona-prac] Re: End of Value Networks: Not!

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  • John Maloney
    May 10, 2011
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      Hi Patti –


      Allow me to correct your remark and inform others here at ONA-Prac.


      According to Verna Allee, effective 1 June 2011, Value Networks, LLC is being wound-down and dissolved.


      LLC Dissolution and Terminating a Limited Liability Company is a very specific and detailed legal activity. It requires detailed filings at multiple levels by legal specialists.  


      LLC Dissolution is not a “modest business financial restructuring” as you and others may wish to believe.  


      Specifically, the assets, IP, code, brand, customers, lists, marks, etc., are distributed to the LLC owners, e.g.,  


      First, you need to wind down all affairs of your business and pay off all debt. Once wound down, if there are any assets left over, they need to be distributed to the members in accordance with the dissolution provisions of the LLC operating agreement.




      The Dissolution of Value Network, LLC is a serious matter that ONA-Prac members and others need to know about.  






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      I don’t think it’s appropriate to use a modest business financial restructuring to declare an “end” to a conceptual model with a solid methodology.


      See the clarification, at http://valuenetworks.com/public/item/266971, including “the changes will not affect delivery of services or software support for the Value Network Insights application.


      Business in VNA and ONA may not be booming (for any number of reasons that practitioners are always interested in addressing), but the methods will always be useful tools for making sense of, and leading to insights into, core business problems.




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      Hi -

      This raises the question if value networks/VNA business principles were so great, why did the Value Networks firm suddenly collapse? Hmmmm.


      This question may be germane to LLL's thread/question on how to get better traction w/SNA+ONA in business.

      My opinion is that VN/VNA was so ponderous, so turgid and overweight, with practitioners so lofty, rare and insular, that Value Networks was simply crushed by its own mountainous hubris.

      The business message for SNA/ONA pull-through? KISS: Keep it Sweet and Simple!


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      > http://networksingularity.com/2011/05/05/end-of-value-networks.aspx
      > -j

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