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803Re: End of Value Networks

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  • Eric Hoffer
    May 10, 2011
      John -
      You write as if VNA is "history", but my understanding is that they've simply restructured organizationally.  You also seem to imply that it is something broadly considered and determined to have been ineffective.

      I would argue that it is simply a brand of "multi-dimensional consideration", focused on all constituents to an interaction, with an eye toward the different currencies of the various constituents.  This is just an (at least) abstraction beyond what the typical human mind tends to process - which makes it somewhat complex, and not for everyone.

      And there are, and will be, different articulations of the concept - whether as flavors of ONA, SNA, VNA, System Dynamics... that will be preferred by, or suited to, different people - ironically, not unlike what I understand to be one of the core underlying concepts of VNA itself -- consideration from the viewpoints of different perspectives.

      Eric Hoffer
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