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797RE: [ona-prac] SNA/ONA: for researchers or practitioners?

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  • John Maloney
    Mar 29, 2011

      Hi – Process mapping is futile, counterproductive and harmful in knowledge-based organizations and activities. Organizations are social systems. They are emergent. The ridiculous analytic reductionism of process engineering and mapping hurts performance, people and organizations. Beware. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the 21st not the 19th Century. See:




      C’mon, BPM? Really? Good grief.  


      “…pen and the back of an envelope…”


      Matt’s right, a ‘SHA’ (short-hand abstraction) is very powerful. A simple social graph is a potent SHA.


      BTW, if BPM is so great, why isn’t it a SHA? See:







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