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795Re: [ona-prac] SNA/ONA: for researchers or practitioners?

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  • John Maloney
    Mar 29, 2011
      Hi Matt - 

      "Many business decision makers still do not see the world in terms of networks..."

      Yes, of course, this is correct. However, the irony is they DO see the balance of their lives in terms of networks. With family and friends, for example, most all command a prosperous mastery of networks. Why they dismiss it the moment they cross the threshold of work is the problem to solve. 

      In addition, these 'business decision makers' have been doing SNA for decades vis-a-vis the org chart. The org chart is a simple hub and spoke network structure. Every time they move a box or reporting link to improve performance, to modify a network pattern, it's a crude (and ineffectual) form of social network diagnosis and analysis.

      It is easy to convince managers that the org chart is a network. It can furnish a worthwhile stepping off point for more authentic, performance-led SNA.

      Thanks for the thread.


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      Very few clients buy "network analysis" but many organizations are becoming aware of the networked nature of their business.

      I don't see SNA as a new six sigma but I do see it as the next business process mapping. N.B. Clients don't buy business processing mapping (BPM) work, they buy process improvement.

      You can do time-consuming BPM with expensive modeling software or you can you it with a pen and the back of an envelope.

      Consultants need to start talking about network improvement.

      I also think there's a simple awareness factor. Many business decision makers still do not see the world in terms of networks - but an increasing number do.


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