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765RE: [ona-prac] Simple personal network map software?

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  • Patti Anklam
    Jun 6 6:10 AM
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      Hi, Kathleen,


      I’m not clear about whether you want to map the relationships between people, or to map the exchanges within the network. It almost sounds like you want a value network analysis http://valuenetworks.com/  VNA (maps the roles in a network (rather than individuals) and the tangible and intangible exchanges (information, funding, contracts, etc.) among them.  There is a pretty simple tool for generating value network maps (though you have to purchase the product  http://buyvaluenetworks.com/).


      ONA Surveys (Http://www.onasurveys.com) lets you create a survey in which people can enter the names of people, but does not yet (to my knowledge) let you draw the relationships among those people. I think this software is still available on a trial basis.


      I’d be very interested if there are any tools out there that are simpler to use and set up (and free, or nearly so).




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      I'm a career coach wondering if anyone has yet developed some simple mapping software to represent an individual's network. It may never be used to gather data like with ONA sw, but would be used to create a visual map for my non-profit client of how information and funding is flowing within her state-wide network, now becoming national.

      I've been out of touch with this group for some time, so I may have missed information on this topic.


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