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  • Matt Moore
    Mar 7, 2010

      Can I ask why you are producing these analyses? What is the output expected to be & what are you then going to do with them?

      If it's to illustrate issues in the network then some kind of sampling approach might might. If it's to identify specific people then you may need to survey all 2000.



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      Hi everybody,

      We have been recently asked to design ONA survey for about 2000 respondents. We are supposed to analyze both collaboration and problem solving networks. It seems to be a quite challenging task because in this case a simple questionnaire with a list of all workers would be too large and too exhaustive.

      We think about two options. For collaboration we consider dividing people into several groups (e.g. divisions, departments etc.) and ask firstly whether they have cooperated with anybody from particular department if so they would be asked to indicate workers. However I am not sure if it is not too large anyway. In case of questions on problem solving we think about giving open questions without listing names.

      I would be grateful for any suggestions and tips regarding questionnaires designed for large population. Any references to relevant materials would be appreciated as well.

      Many thanks for your help,

      Pawel Stepka
      www.episteme. com.pl

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