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715RE: [ona-prac] How would you use ONA in this situation?

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  • nathanielwelch@earthlink.net
    Aug 16, 2009



      Neat idea and it sounds like a visual way to do something like Open Space Technology...



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      Hi Patti … I got an idea from Richard McDermott many years ago around doing a “live SNA”. The idea is you get people to nominate important topics of interest, select a few (depending on the size of the group) and then in a large space get the nominators to stand equidistant apart (like poles) and then have the rest of the people place themselves physically close to the poles of greatest interest. When they have divided interest they stand part way … so what you end up with is a spatially developed live affinity network. Richard warned that there is always at least one pole left without any “friends” so you give that person a chance to state their case for why their topic is important. The group can re-arrange based on this if they so desire.

      I’ve done this a few time now and its always fun. I like the way that the “lonely” pole always seems to happen and they always speak passionately about their topic. I also respond to those who invariably have trouble locating themselves amongst all these competing interests is that they are simply experiencing what happens in real life! We often make commitments to support communities that in the end we can’t do justice to. Some will fade through lack of a core group and others will thrive because of the depth of interest. It’s a great conversation starter and start to a “new” organisation.


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      Subject: [ona-prac] How would you use ONA in this situation?



      I am subscribed to OD questions on LinkedIn. This question came up two days ago:

      Icebreaker ideas? I recently was asked to take on a statewide management role, after managing a region for three years. Just this week, the company itself went through a painful staff reduction (thus resulting in my new role). Tomorrow, I will meet with staff from one of my new regions for the first time. They all know each other well, and know me a little. I'd like to start the meeting with an icebreaker to get to know them a little better (and them, me), but don't want it to feel too hokey, nor do I want it to take a long time. Any suggestions for something light?

      I dashed off this response:

      I never thought about using a network analysis in a situation like this, but it might be interesting. What happens in a downsizing is that the network loses a number of "nodes," that is, links are broken. It might be interesting to draw the network (depending on the number of people) of the group -- who works with who most frequently. Maybe include the people who've left and see what happens to the network when these people are taken out.

      You could also look at the outside connections that are lost -- the people who are gone may have had valuable contacts they were able to access for specific needs. Perhaps brainstorm about how the new group is going to make sure that it can develop its network to replace the people who are missing.

      Anyone else have thoughts?  Have you managed this kind of situation using simple mapping exercises?


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