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649RE: [ona-prac] ONA experience within government social service agencies

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  • Laurence Lock Lee
    Mar 10, 2009

      Hi Nat,


      I hadn’t actually done an ONA but had done a Value Network Analysis with an aged care and disability agency. They were looking to manage what they called their “Intake” i.e. people coming to their front door asking for services. They were visualising a call centre of some sort. The VNA established that there were some important 3rd parties who acted as important “human qualifiers” of the applicants … usually they were counsellors or welfare workers not necessarily employed by the agency itself. I expect an ONA would pick this up. Of course the call centre solution would have bypassed these people completely and relied on scripts and form filling. I did work for quite a while with a number of these welfare agencies … child care as well and I found the staff usually well qualified and dedicated to the task. The risk I would anticipate they would see is that Management having another clever scheme to cut costs by cutting them out of the loop or restricting their natural desire to help by loading them up with too many cases etc… so you would need a pitch around how ONA would help leverage their skills and expertise, rather than bypass it.


      As an aside I heard a new term “Granny minding” … where someone wants to put their dependent granny in care for the weekend so that they can go on holidays J  


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      Has anyone done an ONA in a social service agency (such as Child
      welfare or family services)?

      I would like to know what the three challenges were and how the
      employees reacted.


      Nat Welch

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