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  • JT Maloney (jheuristic)
    Nov 21, 2008

      Hi –


      Someone recommended joining. By way of introduction, I started in network analysis using GPSS on a 370/158 for response time engineering for a 8 building campus network of 3270s in Sunnyvale.  (If this means anything to you, then you will know the decade! They even had orchards back then!)


      Fast forward to 2008, I co-founded and lead a company offing simple, easy-to-use, low-cost tools for SNA, ONA and value network analysis. It’s a ‘Load and Go’ configuration. I have a blog and also orchestrate popular events worldwide know as clusters.  


      Company:      http://valuenetworks.com/


      Offerings:      http://valuenetworks.com/public/item/209845    


      Blog:               http://valuenetworks.com/public/item/218470  


      Clusters:        http://www.vnclusters.com/ (value networks)

                              http://www.pmcluster.com/ (collective intelligence)


      Case Study:  http://tinyurl.com/44479x (Organizational example of ‘radical redesign’ with ValueNetworks.com for North America’s largest export.)



      Looking forward!








      John Maloney



      Sarah Jones, Administration

      Tel: 978-468-0267
      Fax: 206-984-2429


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