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603Re: [ona-prac] Some basic questions about linkages / algorithms

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  • Lee Romero
    Oct 15, 2008
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      Thanks, Charles! That brings a smile to my face.

      I figured my own research musings (which is what this is so far) could
      not have been all that original (though I'd like to think I have some
      original ideas in the mix here). It sounds like your sonar technology
      may validate my own hypothesis, though.

      I haven't checked your site yet - is there information available about
      this tool (product?) that I could read through?

      If I have any other specific questions, I'll take them offlist as well.

      Lee Romero

      On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 3:32 PM, Charles Armstrong
      <charles@...> wrote:
      > hallo lee
      > what you describe is very close to what trampoline's sonar technology does.
      > sonar server gobbles up emails, ldap, documents and so forth ("work
      > products" as you term it), deduces each person's expertise and
      > knowledge through statistical language modeling, then calculates the
      > network characteristics for each person using ona techniques. armed with
      > this intelligence sonar can start to identify documents and contacts which
      > are likely to be relevant to a particular user.
      > the specific use case you mention of identifying emergent communities of
      > interest is something we've encountered a fair amount of demand for with our
      > flightdeck product. basically it involves identifying people who share a
      > strong interest in a particular field (though their interests may diverge in
      > other areas) but have no identifiable communication with each other. adding
      > a time element to this, up-weighting areas of interest that have only
      > started being identified recently, helps highlight fast-growing trends.
      > i can't answer your specific question about similarity matching as i'm just
      > a humble ethnographer. if you're interested i'd be happy to link you up with
      > someone in the team who knows more about the statistical aspects.
      > yours : charles
      > chief executive // trampoline systems ltd
      > the trampery, 8-15 dereham place, london EC2A 3HJ
      > uk cell +44 7792 456807
      > usa cell +1 415 728 8656
      > http://trampolinesystems.com
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