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595RE: [ona-prac] Assistance Needed: Ideas & Experts Knowledge Network Metrics?

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  • Laurence Lock Lee
    Sep 11 3:46 PM

      Hi Craig,


      Since this is an ONA practice group were you intending to use any ONA metrics? In terms of engagement you will get a sense of this by looking at the core periphery patterns you might have from an ONA study. Even better if you can get it over time. From what I can tell you are looking to use information repository use as a metric. I find these metrics of moderate use. As Vanessa intimates, the collaborative metrics are probably the most useful as they intimate tacit knowledge sharing levels, which in my experience is a major success criteria for any KM program. You might want to explore the use of Net Mining techniques for generating metrics from on-line ONA studies.  This makes studying communities over time easier and less intrusive.


      You may want to have a look at this study we completed recently which measures community benefits from wiki participation using net mining and traditional survey methods of measure:  http://www.optimice.com.au/documents/WikiMiningWikiNetworksWikinomics.pdf




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      Subject: RE: [ona-prac] Assistance Needed: Ideas & Experts Knowledge Network Metrics?


      Hi Craig,


      One Key metric that I look for when building and measuring professional communities/ knowledge networks is Engagement Level.  I strive to find about a 20% level of engagement – meaning some show of activity (contributions, quickpoll taking, feedback, messages etc) – essential signs of life – from the total membership population. This is the my key health-o-meter metric before any granular metrics become focused on. Hope that helps!






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      Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 10:18 AM
      To: ona-prac@yahoogroup s.com
      Subject: [ona-prac] Assistance Needed: Ideas & Experts Knowledge Network Metrics?


      I am working on building a KN for my company and am building a list of
      metrics for tracking. Here is what I have so far. Can you offer any
      additional that are critical and innovative from your experience? I
      really really appreciate your replies.

      1. Number & length of visits by topic, geography and user demographics.
      (measures level of overall use)
      2. Number of article posts. (measures level of sharing in culture)
      3. Number of article post replies. (measures engagement)
      4. Value of time & money saved via quicker idea & expert finds

      Thanks for replies.

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