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  • paul_kitko
    Jan 7, 2008
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      Hi Rick and welcome!

      Point # 3 in your list is very familiar to me. I too started in IT
      Project Management. I worked for two very large companies, GM and
      Chrysler, both of which have lumbering bureaucracies with a command
      and control mindset. As a result it was always challenging to achieve
      my project objectives.

      After much frustration I began delving into organizational behavior
      and complex adaptive systems which led me to ona-prac. Since then I
      have had the opportunity to conduct an ONA for Chrysler's IT group.

      I'm sure you and I are not alone. IT systems are dynamic and usually
      cross organizational boundaries. My guess is that most IT departments
      are not astute enough to address the technology-driven organizational
      challenges they face. "Agile Project Management" is a good method for
      navigating organizational friction while trying to achieve project
      objectives. You may also want to read up on "Wicked Problems"

      Best of luck.

      Paul Kitko

      --- In ona-prac@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Fowler" <efowler01@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone,
      > I've just joined the ONA-prac group and am thrilled to be here!
      > I am a consultant in business/IT strategy and implementation
      > (examples: enterprise content management, knowldge management,
      > interactive marketing, custom software engineering). I'm also an MBA
      > student at the University of Chicago GSB.
      > My interest in ONA/SNA comes from three places:
      > 1. I first learned about networks when I started a small business
      > without having a network. That's difficult - I don't recommend
      > it. :^) But I gained quite a bit of practical experience in
      > developing professional networks as a result.
      > 2. I've done some SNA with UCINet and NetDraw for class projects and
      > want to learn more.
      > 3. In my software engineering and project management roles, I have
      > found that the challenges to successful projects are rarely
      > technical - they involve culture, organization, communication, and
      > group dynamics most of the time.
      > So I've dedicated myself to learning how to improve organizational
      > effectiveness, and I want to learn more about using ONA.
      > Specifically, I'm looking for methods and tools for diagnostics and
      > for approaches to developing solutions to organizational challenges.
      > I look forward to learning as well as contributing as much as I can.
      > Kind Regards,
      > Rick Fowler
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