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457RE: [ona-prac] Re: Link Analysis versus Social Network Analysis

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  • Patti Anklam
    Nov 11 3:04 PM
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      I don’t think I knew that Gerry story, but I like it.  We named this group ONA-PRAC so that we could distinguish ourselves from the greater world of social network analysis – which does deal with epidemiology and other sociological applications. When I make this distinction in presentations, I emphasize that ONA is a subset of the larger practice of social network analysis – we want to look at people in organizations (mostly business organizations). The tools and the methods are essentially the same, but as Valdis says, the word “social” carries a lot of connotations so ONA sometimes works better.


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      As I think I posted here last year, or maybe Patti did, ONA was
      created by Gerry Falkowski, when his IBM clients [both internal and
      external, squirmed at the word "social" -- "we're business people,
      what does that have to do with social?" was one of the infamous
      quotes. So he changed the wording -- and nothing else -- and started
      lining up ONA clients left and right. This was back in the mid
      1990s. I remember the conversation when he told me... pretty funny.

      When I took grad courses @ Mich State from the Comm Dept in network
      analysis -- it was called just that -- "network analysis", once in a
      while you heard "communication network analysis". But plain network
      analysis soon got associated with computer networks, so people
      started adding a descriptor up front.


      On Nov 11, 2007, at 3:44 PM, philrjones wrote:

      > For that matter what makes SNA and / or ONA distinctive from Network
      > Analysis? Is it purely to do with the goal of the analysis - insight
      > into social systems and organisations, or are there more fundamental
      > attributes?
      > Phil
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