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450Re:Link Analysis versus Social Network Analysis

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  • Cai Kjaer
    Nov 11, 2007
      Hi Phil,
      Can you expand just a little? What exactly do you mean by link analysis? I noticed this definition in Wikipedia - is this what you mean?
      "Link analysis is a subset of network analysis, exploring associations between objects. An example may be examining the addresses of suspects and victims, the telephone numbers they have dialed and financial transactions that they have partaken in during a given timeframe, and the familial relationships between these subjects as a part of police investigation. Link analysis here provides the crucial relationships and associations between very many objects of different types that are not apparent from isolated pieces of information."
      All my work has been around people more so than 'objects' - with the exception of mapping people's interaction with information sources. I believe Netmap Analytics here in Sydney do this sort of work, but not sure if they are on this list... ( http://www.netmap.com.au/)

      Kind regards


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