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362RE: [ona-prac] Re: Ego/personal networks and ONA

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  • Laurie Lock Lee
    Feb 20, 2007

      Looks interesting…I gave it a go, a bit like a Myers Briggs. I have an interest in Networking as a competency. I’ve been collecting material over the years but would now like to develop some form of survey instrument that might assess someone’s “Networking Competency”. I am looking to follow along the lines of Ron Burt’s proposition around brokers and bridges, so I’m looking for questions that might expose how much of a broker/bridge one might be.




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      On Feb 15, 2007, at 12:24 PM, philrjones wrote:
      > I'd like to turn the question around a little and ask whether you know
      > of any work where personality characteristics have been collected for
      > all members of the network (or maybe just the more central / important
      > ones) and subsequently used successfully as an integral part of the
      > ONA / SNA to understand the likely strengths and weaknesses of an
      > organisation, particularly when it's under pressure. As opposed to
      > those characteristics being collected simply to examine a scientific
      > hypothesis, for example, whether they are correlated with SNA metrics.
      In Kilduff and Tsai (2003), they describe using the "self-monitoring"
      personality construct in combination with network analysis to
      understand an organization. In my own research into distributed team
      interaction, I've found this construct to be very useful in
      interpreting team interaction dynamics.

      Kilduff, M. and W. Tsai (2003). Social networks and organizations.
      London, SAGE.

      In a related note, just fyi, I've also found the International
      Personality Item Pool <http://ipip. ori.org/ipip/> invaluable in
      constructing surveys to assess personality items in my network
      analyses ... invaluable because items provide references to the
      literature. That helps me to assess the value of an item with
      regards to my research.


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