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356RE: [ona-prac] Re: Ego/personal networks and ONA

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  • Bob Bater
    Feb 18, 2007
      For this sort of thing, I have always found CMap Tools very useful. It's not a dedicated ONA or SNA application, but if you download the client application (Java), you can create concept maps of any shape or form. Once created, you can, if you wish, upload them to a CMap server and share them with anyone, and give them edit permissions if you want.
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      Subject: RE: [ona-prac] Re: Ego/personal networks and ONA

      Hi, all,

      On the subject of personal networks (this may be a bit off this topic), does anyone know of a web site where a person could go to create a personal network map, even if it’s just a basic hub-and-spokes? I know of customized survey software that does this, but I’d like to find a place that is open for anyone to go and create a simple map.



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      Subject: Re: [ona-prac] Re: Ego/personal networks and ONA

      Very interesting question.

      In my consulting activities the combination of structural and personal characteristics will be next step, but I have not yet completed a whole project of that kind. Have someone of you experienced it?



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      From: philrjones

      Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 9:24 PM

      Subject: [ona-prac] Re: Ego/personal networks and ONA

      I've found this discussion very interesting and have joined the group
      as a result!

      I'd like to turn the question around a little and ask whether you know
      of any work where personality characteristics have been collected for
      all members of the network (or maybe just the more central / important
      ones) and subsequently used successfully as an integral part of the
      ONA / SNA to understand the likely strengths and weaknesses of an
      organisation, particularly when it's under pressure. As opposed to
      those characteristics being collected simply to examine a scientific
      hypothesis, for example, whether they are correlated with SNA metrics.

      Apologies if some of the many papers that have been cited during the
      discussion so far help to address this question. I'm only just starting
      to read through them.

      Regards, Phil

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