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335Re: [ona-prac] Re: Ego/personal networks and ONA

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  • Valdis Krebs
    Jan 7, 2007
      Each situation is different... sometimes you verify the links, other
      times that is not necessary [not enough benefit for the time
      required]. The network question(s) you ask will guide you... some
      are naturally one-way links while others tend toward two-way
      [naturally reciprocated]. It is the two way questions that you will
      need to determine confirmation.

      Unfortunately there are no quick and fast rules that work for all
      situations... experience helps you quickly get to what will work in
      what situation.


      On Jan 7, 2007, at 12:05 PM, Giancarlo Oriani wrote:

      > I think it is very interesting to collect ego networks data and
      > combine them into a whole network ... but you must completely trust
      > your "ego" answers. I mean that in order to check respondents
      > reliability through answers reciprocity (if A says that B go to him
      > for advice, B must say that he goes to A for advice) you cannot
      > collect ego network data unless into a more general network
      > analysis, can you?
      > Very, very interesting Wehbe's questions upon possible correlations
      > between personal characteristics and connectedness. Any ideas?
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