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334Re: [ona-prac] Re: Ego/personal networks and ONA

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  • Giancarlo Oriani
    Jan 7, 2007
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      I think it is very interesting to collect ego networks data and combine them into a whole network ... but you must completely trust your "ego" answers. I mean that in order to check respondents reliability through answers reciprocity (if A says that B go to him for advice, B must say that he goes to A for advice) you cannot collect ego network data unless into a more general network analysis, can you?
      Very, very interesting Wehbe's questions upon possible correlations between personal characteristics and connectedness. Any ideas?
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      These are interesting articles concerning the collection of data for,
      and the treatment of, personal network analysis:
      1) http://www.insna. org/Connections- Web/Volume26- 2/8.McCartyWutic h.pdf
      2) http://www.insna. org/Connections- Web/Volume26- 1/5.Lonkila. pdf

      In addition, the following website is very useful for extending ego-
      networks to wider networks:

      http://www.responde ntdrivensampling .org

      A question for you: I see SHL performs various assessment tests. Have
      you created tests that combine the measurement of personal
      characteristics and of connectedness? Is there any type of
      correlation that you might have found between the two?

      Happy holidays to all,

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      > Hi,
      > I have a few questions about using an personal (ego) network
      approach for
      > ONA work. At least from what I have seen, most of the focus of
      > organisational applications of network analysis is on whole
      networks, where
      > data is collected from all/most members of a group or organisation.
      I think
      > there is also a lot of potential in using a personal network
      approach (where
      > each person nominates their most important contacts, and then
      > relations between them). While many of the traditional network
      metrics are
      > obviously not available with this type of data, it can tell us
      about the
      > types of relations a person has, and the structure of his or her
      > web of relations. This type of information can be very valuable
      when working
      > with participants as individuals. An additional advantage of
      > network data is that it doesn't require both a meaningfully defined
      group of
      > participants or a high response rate.
      > I have recently done some work with a group of managers, where we
      > this type of network data. We then fed back information about their
      > networks to the managers, as part of a broader leadership
      > programme. The resulting developments and action points had an
      impact both
      > at the individual and at the business-unit level. It would be very
      > interesting to hear if others have used personal network data for
      any kind
      > of organisation or personal development work, or have any thoughts
      on how to
      > do this.
      > Regards,
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