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280RE: [ona-prac] An SNA Sensemaking Activity

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  • Bruce Hoppe
    Aug 2, 2006

      Thanks for sharing this, Andrew. I agree that set-up is key. I noticed that you make a reference in step #1 to experiential sociometric “networks in action” exercises. I am a big fan of these kinds of activities and am curious if you squeeze that into the allotted 5-7 minutes of step 1 (as stated in the post). My warm-up presentations typically devote much more time to this experiential part.


      I think another good ingredient to a safe and productive warm up comes from the work of Burt and Ronchi. In the participative context above, their work adds a notion of “this will help me, not just my boss, to succeed.”




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      Dear All,


      We’ve learnt that for SNA to be effective in group situations there is real value in preparing people for what they may see within typical social network maps.


      I’ve just blogged the “hubs and bridges expectations warm-up” as one of our sensemaking processes useful for such preparation. This warm up activity aims to prepare groups for sensemaking in a productive and non-confrontational way. Read more on the link below:


      http://www.anecdote .com.au/archives /2006/08/ an_sna_sensemak. html


      I hope this is helpful, and I invite any comments, feedback or thoughts.


      Warm regards,



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