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262Re: [ona-prac] ONA for change management: locating opinion leaders

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  • Victoria G. Axelrod
    Jul 7, 2006
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      I think you might want to parse out "opinion leader".  Do you mean the "technical wizards", folks who really have a handle on the content or the "social mavens" who get the culture and know how things work aside from the org chart.
      Depending on the particular organizations longevity of employees you will have a different picture.  In traditional opinion survey work getting the demographics clear is the key to interpreting the data from these sorts of questions.  It only takes a few "old timers" to carry org DNA.
      If your org has been through many mergers, acquisitions, has a relatively new population, has many remote locations, there may be a different take on these questions. If you are asking about culture change - "how we do work" or "credible leaders" the result will be different from technical change  such as "compliance with new regulations", "new product releases."
      So I would opt for both more specific questions and one in each category, i.e. culture/social and technical so you can vector in on the significant individuals.  I would also opt for some face to face interviews where you can test out a question, have some secondary prompt questions so you can assess what gets the best results. 
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      Subject: [ona-prac] ONA for change management: locating opinion leaders


      Has anyone developed good questions and techniques for locating the
      opinion leaders in a large organization? This might be precursor to an
      organizational network analysis; the primary goal at this point is to
      do a broad-brush survey of say, 3,000 people asking them to name the
      people they most rely on for understanding changes in the organization.

      Has anyone done this kind of survey, and with what results? What
      questions. I assume questions on the order of:

      **List the names of up to five people you go to when you want to make
      sense of changes in the organization.

      **List the names of those you trust in the organization to be frank in
      discussing organizational issues

      Any other ideas? Practical experience in administering a survey like
      this and managing the results, especially thoughts about the validity
      of the responses?



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